The Effect Voice-Search will have on SEO


More users today are interested in conducting a variety of searches using their voice. It is perhaps because it is now more accurate and more household goods come with voice search. This fairly new trend is bound to affect SEO in a major way.

A high percentage of people agree that speaking is more convenient than typing. Individuals are using voice search on their tablets, smartphones, or voice assistants to access online information. Google Home, Siri, Echo devices and Amazon Alexa are examples of avenues people use for voice searching.

Website owners must now optimize their platforms for voice search. You must make some changes that will help you achieve more success when it comes to the voice search realm. Some steps you can take to realize this include:

Becoming More Conversational with your Content

Take time to research about the conversational queries people are likely to ask about your services, products, and the industry at large. Find out how the major keywords you use appear on different voice devices.

Note that voice searches typically use conversational and natural language. This means that long-tail keywords will be more beneficial than ever. Take advantage of reliable SEO Google Serp rank tracker to stay informed about the results of your site on various search engines. These also reveal results on how the keywords you use rank if you are on the right path.

Add Voice Search to Your Existing SEO Strategy

You do not want to miss out on all the perks that voice search is bound to bring along. Do not just sit on the sidelines, but become proactive by adding voice search to your SEO tactics. Brainstorm and come with a plan that will cover all bases, so that you climb to the top with web ranking as well as voice search results.

Optimize My Business Profile on Google

When individuals use the common search phrase “near me”, optimization may not really do so much to impact the results search engines bring out. This is because the device the searcher is using will pull up listings that are in the user’s location to avail listings from online directories such as Bing Places for Business and Google My Business.

Running a website that is not in the local listings is a huge mistake. Ensure that you optimize the business in a way that is visible in the listings in your area. Set up a business profile and make sure that all details you enter are correct including phone number, name and address.

Make sure the information is similar in all online directories. When there is any mismatch of information, the search engines will not know what details to use, thus may not include your entity in the results for voice search.

Take Advantage of Schema Markup

A majority of voice search results come from featured snippets. Having Schema Markup on your website is invaluable as it can help you reach the topmost position. It helps out a lot in that it permits site owners to add structured data on their platforms. This helps search engines to understand the available content better.

Doing Schema Markup in the right way can result in the creation of rich snippets in the search results, which also works out wonderfully for mobile and desktop searches.

Make sure you are Mobile Friendly

It is possible that many voice searches will come from mobile devices. Your site needs to be well-prepared for this, if you want a piece of the action. Test it several times to ensure that it gives users the kind of experience they are hoping for.

You can also play around with the devices and software that facilitate voice search to have an idea of how things work. Other helpful tips you can work with include:

  • Keeping All the Resources Crawlable – Your mobile site should not block images, JavaScript, videos, and CSS among others. It is best to avoid Flash because most mobile browsers do not support it.
  • Optimize Load Time – Compress images to help enhance mobile UX as well as the speed of your site’s pages. You don’t want slow pages to keep users from accessing your content.

Do not be left behind as competitors optimize their businesses for voice searches. Get on the bandwagon and do it right to steadily move to the top.


Ganesh Kolekar
Ganesh Kolekar is a graduate and geek. He is the man behind keeping the quality of the posts and manages the content part on the website.

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