Electric Razors Vs. All The Rest – Know The Truth!


There’s definitely one thing to be aforesaid for using an electrical razor. however, there’s plenty to be said regarding different styles of razors too, whether or not it’s a straight edge, cartridge, double-edge or disposable. Let’s take a short look at the various varieties and offer a comparison


Why you’ll like an electric razor:


electric razors may be used at anytime, anyplace, and you don’t ought to mess with shaving creams, gels or lotions. cordless electric shavers are significantly convenient – as long as you create bound to keep the battery charged.

Easy use

There’s not a large amount of technique once using an electrical shaver; a first-time user will get the suspend of it in little or no time. Moreover, it doesn’t take plenty of your time to shave with an electrical razor as a result of the force the hairs upward and shave a lot of hair with every pass – that means you won’t ought to build multiple passes.


affirmative, it’s attainable to induce skin irritation once using an electrical razor (because of the friction) however the probabilities of cutting yourself – like a conventional razor – are slim and none.

Cons of an electrical razor:

Not the nighest shave

electrical razors won’t provide you with identical quite squeak as you’d bet with a manual razor. You’ll still get a detailed shave, mind you, simply not as advance most cases.


Not that there’s something wrong with battery power, however it will mean you’ve got to watch your electrical razor’s power supply therefore it doesn’t quit within the middle of your shave. as luck would have it, most electrical razors embrace LED battery-charge monitors.


Why you’ll sort of a straight razor:

As a result of it’s bad-ass

using a razor is old skool however terribly cool old school. it had been the sole alternative for shaving in several previous centuries and remains used these days by men preferring the final word in manual shaving.


an honest razor can provide you with a detailed shave in contrast to the other. Its blades are sharp, sharp, and cheater, and with the correct technique (and maybe a pre-shave hot towel on your face to melt up your facial hairs), you’ll get a shave as sleek as a baby’s butt.

Cons of a straight razor:

You’ll would like some apply

Not several men will devour a razor for the primary time and obtain an ideal shave. For one, the blade is fully-exposed, that raises the danger of nicks and cuts, however you are doing have full management of the blade’s angle, that you don’t have with different manual razors.


Most quality straight razors price quite several different razors. Then again, you’d be in a bad way to seek out a more in-depth shave once you get the suspend of it.


Why you’ll sort of a safety razor:

It covers all the bases

the nice factor a couple of razor is that it addresses 3 main shaving problems – time, safety, and easy use. There’s a way gentler learning curve than with a razor tho’ you’ll ought to take a lot of care once shaving than you’d with an electrical.

The worth is true

You’ll notice several high-quality safety razors priced as low as $30.

The choice

Safety razors are available in one-piece, two-piece, and three-piece styles.


Why you’ll sort of a cartridge razor:


You ne’er ought to go way to get a cartridge razor. You’ll notice one in much each supermarket, pharmacy, store – and even at your corner petrol station.

Easy use

It doesn’t get abundant easier than a cartridge razor. They’re designed with the novice in mind (although not each man who uses a cartridge razor may be a novice) and includes a fastened angle that decreases your probabilities of obtaining nicks and cuts. several of them embrace a lubrastrip that lubricates your skin as you shave.

Cons of a cartridge razor:

The worth

whereas the initial price of a cartridge razor is incredibly cheap, the price of replacement razors is typically something however low cost. No marvel that a lot of supermarkets keep replacement cartridge blades in an inside case that an skilled robber can’t access.

The shave

whereas you’ll still get a detailed shave with a cartridge razor, it actually won’t be as shut as a razor, or as shut as a cartridge razor.

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