Elevator Shoes for the Bridal Party

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Weddings are fun and busy in equal measure. Everyone is up on their feet a lot of times throughout the day and night as they walk around, dance, eat, drink, and party. The bridal party is always on their toes from the onset of the wedding to the end, as such, they need to wear shoes that guarantee maximum comfort.

However, the opposite of this is always the reality as you will find brides and bridesmaids adorned in the highest of the heels on the busiest of days.

The results are that halfway through the wedding celebrations, the ladies are walking and dancing around barefoot because they tossed their uncomfortable heels.

Ladies, you can still have your share of height increasing shoes on your wedding by choosing the elevator shoe way. Elevator shoes provide comfort, support and the much-needed boost in height.

Options for bridal shoes

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What options do you have other than the obvious stiletto heels?

Wedges are the ultimate comfortable yet sexy height increasing shoes. Wedges have an inclined plane design that entails the outer sole increasing in height from the toes to the heels of the feet.

Wedges come in different designs and materials. You may opt for wedges that have a sharp incline in that the front part of the shoe lies very close to the ground while the heel sits high off the ground.

Such a wedge has a steep inclined plane hence the comfortable option would be a low-lying design where the heel does not rise too high off the ground.

The wedge shoe offers a gradually increasing inclined plane that uniformly rises from the toes to the heels. This may be a more comfortable option for the bridal party that will be on their feet all day.

Notably, wedge shoes have both closed and open concept hence you may choose a shoe that fully covers your feet or an open strappy option. One of the best things about wedge shoes is that they have a flat base that ideal for walking on grass.

As such, the bridal party can wear the shoes both indoors and outdoors since none of their heels will be getting stuck in the grass.

Open sandals are another great option for bridal shoes. GuidoMaggi has a range of open sandals that would be ideal for the bridal party.

In this case, the sandals may work well as a plan B whereby the ladies wear the heels or wedges during the church and photo sessions, then switch to sandals during the reception where the festivities entail a lot of dancing.

For the fashion-daring brides, you may opt for the Ginza sneakers from GuidoMaggi. The Ginza sneakers have a shiny silver appearance that would work perfectly with bridal dresses.

The color will offer a great contrast against any wedding theme and the choice for sneakers will definitely be a conversation starter at the wedding. The sneakers will add a fun twist to the outfits and give the bridal party an edge.

Bridal shoes need not be pinching and painfully tall to be sexy. A decent pair of elevator shoes will do the height increasing trick while providing the much-needed comfort for the bridal party to enjoy the wedding.

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