Elon Musk’s New Floki Crypto Coin – What You Need to Know

New Floki Crypto Coin

After the famous meme coins named Dogecoin and Shiba Token, Elon Musk has managed to capture people’s attention again with the interesting Floki Inu meme coin. The meme coin is inspired by Musk’s puppy Shiba Inu named Floki. It has already become a trending coin, and many people are keeping an eye on its growth.

New Floki Crypto Coin

For this project, Musk has partnered up with his brother Kimbal Musk, and the focus is on eliminating food insecurity worldwide. Floki Inu is termed as a ‘utility-focused meme coin,’ and it is already enjoying success, with around 100,000 holders to it.

A Promising Trend

There is a vibrant community for the Floki coin known as the ‘Vikings.’ An education platform called Floki University has also been started to make the best of the community spirit and maximize utility. There is also the FlokiPlaces, which is a merchandise marketplace.

This makes it clear that Floki is more than just something that is briefly in vogue. It has revolutionary implications, and it might even become one of the most successful and top-performing crypto projects. It is expected to be even more promising than its predecessor, the Dogecoin, which started as a joke through memes shared on social media.


Floki is primarily working on the NFT gaming metaverse, called Valhalla, along with working on an education platform called Floki University, which has been started to make the best of the community spirit and maximize utility. There is also the merchandise marketplace which is called FlokiPlaces. Hence, we may likely see the use of this coin in many places.

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Space Travel and Living

As the founder of SpaceX, Musk is clearly very well known for his fascination with space. He has aspirations for space travel and living. He has often promised the public that with more research and development of technology, it will be possible for people to hop on commercial flights and go to space in some years. In fact, he even quipped on the Floki Inu website that his dog, Floki is hungry for outer-space treats.

Space Travel and Living

Intense Marketing Efforts

Floki Inu is set to enjoy popularity worldwide with intense marketing efforts. It has entered into strategic partnerships with several reputed and top-performing marketing agencies that enjoy a great client base.

Social media

Floki Inu has also been all over social media recently, particularly Facebook, ever since it came into the world. Hence, more people are intrigued and interested in learning about it now. Floki Inu is also an attractive option because it is a deflationary token. This means that you can earn rewards simply for holding the token.

Elon Musk enjoys celebrity status and has many followers on Twitter. A single tweet from the SpaceX founder set things into motion, and soon the price of the Shiba Inu coin increased by a significant percentage.

Investors are looking forward to the price predictions for the Floki coin in the future. After all, a huge part of being successful in the world of cryptocurrency is to pay attention to the indicators on trading terminals like Bloomberg terminal for crypto to make a profit.

Musk has always been very enthusiastic about the future possibilities of cryptocurrency and aims at creating more acceptance of the same as a legitimate mode of payment. He even allowed bitcoin to be a mode of payment for buying a Tesla car.

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Floki Inu is also going to be indulging in marketing efforts in London in the month of October. The advertising campaign will particularly focus on the London public transportation system. As London is U.K’s largest metropolis, this campaign is undoubtedly bound to be successful.

Los Angeles

Floki Inu is also focusing strongly on Los Angeles in California as it is one of the most affluent cities in the world. Los Angeles is also well known for its enthusiasm with cryptocurrency and making strides in innovation for the same.

Listed on major centralized exchanges

Floki Inu is already being listed on all the major centralized exchanges and enjoying popularity. It has seen great results on China’s top exchange, Gate.io, where the daily volume of the Floki Inu token trading has reached a staggering number of over one million. It is also gaining popularity at a rapid pace in South Korea because of its partnership with South Korea’s leading growth accelerator, ICO Pantera.

Risk Concerns

Many people are concerned with the risks of investing in cryptocurrencies, mainly due to the incredibly volatile and unpredictable nature of the market. Most crypto-assets tend to carry a lot of risks.

The Financial Conduct Authority warned the investor community in January about the nature of investments in cryptocurrency. It recommended that investors be fully aware of the risks and be confident and well-informed in making decisions.

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