Emerging Technology: Tech tools that help you collect customer feedback.


Feedback serves as a true building block for a business that raises the flaws of the customer journey to prominence, shaping a better customer experience. Feedback is a source of metrics that provide insights into the customer journey that consequently help the business in identifying fresh solutions to ongoing customer concerns.

When it comes to a business the feedback received is mainly from the customer or client, serving as evidence for success or failure of any action taken by a businessman to promote the business. Customer feedback is a vital aspect that has to be analyzed thoroughly.

Noting down customer feedback is not enough! Therefore, to eliminate the hassle of accumulating customer feedback efficient tech tools should be integrated as a crucial part of the customer journey.

Various factors such as customer’s time consumption and targeted information should be considered while going for feedback collecting tools.


With the reverting wave of pandemic all the business activities are mostly digitized, it is substantially important to explore opportunities online to accumulate customer feedback. Survey sparrow, a tool much similar to Krogerfeedback is ideal to maintain an ongoing conversational channel with the existing subscriber base. This is a tested software and is statistically proven to be the best option. It is reported that due to the interactive interface, chatbots communicating with customers increases the response by 40 percent.


When it comes to using tech tools for grabbing customer feedback the most significant factor to keep in mind is the user-friendliness of the tool. TYPEFORM makes sure that it never becomes hectic for its users. The tool comes in really handy especially when it comes to embedding videos and images. The application is highly acclaimed amongst reputed brand names who prioritize collecting customer opinion. These companies deal with the greatest number of customers on daily basis. Therefore, to ensure utmost customer satisfaction feedback collection has to be an essential part that pinpoints the pitfalls and shortcomings of the customer journey.


Survey-monkey is a comprehensive software for gaining customer feedback. Integrating unlimited questions, built-in collaborative, and configurable tools are among a few prominent features of this software. The richness of Survey-Monkey is prospered due to its exceptional features. Secondly, the security and encryption used by Survey-Monkey to keep customer’s data private further enhance its reliability and value as a powerful tool used by millions of companies solely for collecting feedback.


Completely fulfilling its objectives by using a set of flexible tools makes USER-REPORT a fairly transparent program. It clearly demonstrates what its users require and why they require the following? The process involved to achieve the feedback is primarily based on two main aspects that are the survey and the feedback forum.


It is a community-based platform suitable for most companies. Engaging customers to reduce support costs simultaneously acquiring more clients for better interaction. This is an ideal tool to deploy and manage without any bells and whistles. The versatility of the software in constructing forum moderations and building-wide integrations increases its usage by companies.


Use-response is a highly compatible software as its reduced size enables it to be downloaded on small screens as well and on any system with limited memory. Furthermore, use-response has its customer support channels available all over. Since the software is readily available over the phone so its portability combined with the integrations it offers and the help desk available for ease of its customers makes it a demanded utility, to achieve positive customer feedback.


As the name suggests, Customer-Sure ensures that the feedback it provides to the company from its customer is reliable and authentic. It executes it by ensuring that, the most frequent clients are targeted and their feedback is often recorded. On the other hand, it also establishes live sessions for companies with their customers for better interaction between them. Consequently, it allows many of the unlisted questions to be asked by the customers verbally. This process allows the company to identify its prime customers and work for the betterment of their satisfactions. Actually, accounting for the successful growth of the company.


The outstanding feature of this application is that it measures NPS (Net Promoter Score), an industrial standard measurement for loyalty and predicting growth, and it is equipped for doing this with just a one-liner question. It asks the client to rate your business on a scale of 1 to 10, this allows you to know at the right time when your prime customers are willing to switch towards your competitor. Moreover, the simplicity of its user-friendly interface attracts more users and the live data analytics dashboard allows the customer to rethink the basis of statistics in amending their feedback.


Like other feedback collecting software, In-moment also practices data gathering, user-friendliness, and customer engagement efficiently. But, a couple of its features that make it stand aside from the queue are its methods used to offer granular data and multi-location access.

Unlike, other applications which only fetch online reviews from customer, In-moment not only fetches the reviews but also encourages the least active clients to post online reviews whenever feasible for them. It also allows voice, text, videos, and graphics to be used as a medium for providing feedback.


Podium is a robust application developed for collecting customer feedback. The tool not only gathers live feedback from customers but also enables the company to see its customer’s feedback provided on other sites. It has a dashboard designed for this purpose that encompasses all the feedbacks from other platforms.

This function facilitates employing companies for a more comprehensive evaluation and efficient decision-making. It runs on a proactive approach in gathering online reviews that help in the success of a business. The feedback returning speed is also a feature that adds to the functionality of this software.

The dashboard feature comes advantageous for small businessmen in keeping a record of their work in one place over the internet.

These are the various tools that can be used by companies to strengthen their mechanism of receiving customer feedback.

If chosen wisely, multiple software can be put into work at reasonable charges. All of them approximately cover all the factors that serve as a cornerstone in bolstering the client and business relationship.


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