Employee Gift Ideas from MellonCards, Barcelona

Employee Gift Ideas from MellonCards, Barcelona

Christmas is just around the corner, which means many employers are wondering what to get their staff for christmas. Keep reading for great gift ideas, brought to you by MellonCards, Barcelona.

Based in beautiful Barcelona, MellonCards offers game and gift cards to some of the world’s biggest brands, including Amazon, Google Play and Netflix Gift Card. If you’re looking for employee gift ideas, MellonCards is the perfect online store for you.

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Instantly Ready to Use

Perhaps the greatest upside with choosing digital gift cards is the fact that they’re instantly ready to use. Your employees will love them because the second they’ve opened their gift, they can go online and start spending digital money. Prepaid gift cards are rapidly changing the way we transfer money, replacing traditional and instant transactions. It’s a safer and easier way to shop online.

A gift card allows the recipient to choose their own gift, giving them more freedom to find something that suits them perfectly. At MellonCards you can choose between some of the worlds biggest online stores and services, such as Amazon, Netflix, and PlayStation Network. This means you’ll find a gift suiting everyone, no matter their age, interests or gender.

Wide Selection of Online Stores

Are you looking for employee gift ideas, struggling to find the perfect gift that’ll suit everyone? Look no further – here are the most popular gift and game cards at MellonCards, Barcelona:

Amazon Gift Cards

This might just be the most practical gift there ever was. At Amazon you can buy just about anything, from books and cell phones, to kitchen supplies and travel gear. Amazon offers world wide delivery within days, meaning you can offer this gift to employees around the world.

Netflix Gift Card

Who doesn’t love Netflix and chilling? A gift card from Netflix is guaranteed to be appreciated by anyone. With a Netflix membership, you’ll have access to millions of streaming hours including movies, series, and documentaries in all genres. Netflix offers both external and in-house produced content to paying subscribers worldwide.

Fortnite V-Bucks Gift Card

Are there any gamers amongst your staff? In that case, the Fortnite V-Bucks Gift Card is a great gift idea for them. Fortnite is one of the most popular games in the world right now, and V-Bucks are used inside the game to purchase content, gear, equipment, and upgrades. Fortnite is full of action, adventure, and strategy, making this the perfect game for just about anyone.

Nintendo eShop Gift Card

Another great gift idea for a gamer, or anyone who loves having fun. The Nintendo eShop Gift Card can be used at Nintendo Store or at Nintendo’s official website, just like a regular credit card. Use it to buy games, consols, or content from Nintendo.

Xbox Live Gift Card

Xbox Live Gift Card can be used for online shopping at Xbox, Windows, and Microsoft Store, meaning this is not just a gift card for gamers. This gift card is really practical, offering the recipient great freedom to choose their own gift. Maybe this is the perfect gift for your employees?

iTunes Gift Card

If you’re really struggling to find a gift that’ll suit everyone, maybe the iTunes Gift Card is the perfect choice. iTunes offers pretty much everything related to entertainment, including music, movies, TV-series, radio, podcasts, and much more. It’s easy to organize and share digital entertainment from the iTunes Library, with endless storage options.

Find the perfect gift for your employees at MellonCards, Barcelona – the number one online store for all your gifting and gaming needs.

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