ENT Specialist for Children: Paediatric ENT and Common Problems Treated

List of specialists in Singapore:

Ear Nose Throat Clinics

Ear issues can affect the ear’s exterior, occur in the middle and even inner ear. Ailments can occur because of disease, or unintentional damage. Common symptoms experiencing pain vertigo, hearing loss, and temporary balance difficulties for the patient.

These experts specializing in ENT are also fully capable of performing surgeries, correcting structural deformities, or disposing of abnormal outgrowths such as malignant tumors. Rarely, since the ENT areas encompass the facial regions substantially, the procedure can introduce improvements and changes to the person’s overall appearance too. One such example of a surgery that may achieve both these objectives concurrently is rhinoplasty that can be done for both cosmetic and medical reasons.

There are also ENT specialists that are primarily concerned with the medical and surgical treatment of ENT disorders in children, they are called pediatric ENT specialists. 

Common conditions that are addressed by a pediatric ENT specialist in Singapore include:

  • Allergies and Sinus Conditions. Nasal allergies and sinus conditions are common, especially in children. Some of the most common symptoms of allergic rhinitis in children include frequent sneezing, blocked nasal passage, runny nose, and itchy nose, throat, eyes, and ears. Allergic rhinitis occurs when the immune system reacts to certain allergens in the air while sinus conditions can be caused by an infection or triggered by allergies. When your child experiences these symptoms, bring them to a pediatric ENT specialist right away to avoid further complications.
  • Tonsils and Adenoids. These are the collection of lymph nodes located at the back of the mouth that helps the body fight infections. However, tonsils and adenoids in children can get enlarged that can cause breathing problems and swallowing problems and can affect a child’s quality of life. In some cases, the enlargement can cause sinus infections and even obstructive sleep apnoea. An ENT specialist can perform safe removal of tonsils and adenoids to treat and prevent these problems. 
  • Ear Infections and Hearing Problems. Loss of hearing can be congenital or can occur early in childhood as a result of disease or injury. These are some of the causes of acquired hearing problems in children and an ENT specialist is trained and equipped to diagnose these causes. Other problems with the ear such as infection, otitis media with effusion, and ear wax can be treated by a pediatric ENT. 

Men’s Health + Sexual Doctors

Men’s and also female health-centric clinics are not like the usual GPs. These unique medical professionals are equipped to treat an assortment of intimate diseases and present selection of related checks along with assessments that often the majority of physicians is potentially not acquainted with. Every assessment you go through considering the topic of sexual health is kept confidential. The medical personnel should be extremely mindful of this and additionally ensure these data should not be revealed to outsiders.

HIV assessments are done by a health care provider utilizing an HIV examination kit. The screening process will also require the taking of the patient’s blood sample. A number of assessments are instant which allows them to produce results quickly, while many screenings may possibly need to be sent to a laboratory to continue screening. HIV & STD assessments are reasonably priced in sunny Singapore, expenses usually remain within two or three hundred bucks. These clinics also have specific treatment options formulated especially for gender-specific needs.

For instance, men’s health establishments usually give therapies for ED and low testosterone. Tablets to induce an erection as Cialis are generally prescribed. Along with advancements in contemporary medicine, medical doctors nowadays have access to advanced ways to treat erectile dysfunction, which can either be physiological or psychological. A good demonstration of this is the use of ultrasound technological innovation in the treatment method of erectile dysfunction.


On a planet in which bowel, as well as gut and bowel-related issues, are really prevalent, lots of men and women have to have the expertise of a gut professional or perhaps a gastroenterologist that knows how to care for their conditions. It usually takes at least 7 yrs of practice in public medical facilities, for instance, the NUH as well as Tan Tock Seng in advance, before medical professionals with potential which is assessed to be high are able to identify themselves a consultant gastroenterologist. Endoscopy is the most commonly provided service from these digestive specialists.

This would be the procedure of introducing a scope inside the individual’s gastrointestinal tract to inspect it from the interior. Among endoscopy techniques, colonoscopy and gastroscopy are most often requested. Every single method is specific in its use, allowing the health care provider to examine a distinct portion of the digestion tract, wherever needed.

Colonoscopy is a very practical course of action that comes with many benefits which usually helps them in their practice. Chiefly utilized to look for cancer of the colon, colonoscopy can give the attending physician visual confirmation of any present tumors, quite often finding them before the clients happen to be mindful of it themselves.

To check the conditions of bowels, a scope is inserted through the anus, then carefully guided up the intestinal tract. The attending medical professional then manages the small cam coupled to the tip belonging to the scope, while studying the interiors of the individual’s intestines for problems.

When the doctor requires a gastroscopy, it implies he (or she) would like to examine the upper of the gastrointestinal tract, such as the gullet or the stomach. This occasion, though, the scope is inserted into the digestive via the person’s oral cavity and gives the doctor a comprehensive map of the individual’s digestive system.

Should you ever be distressed, you may relax now. You can ask for a recommendation from your doctor for sedation during endoscopy. The measures are likely to be brief, lasting less than 60 minutes. Endoscopy is a day procedure and also doesn’t need to be warded overnight. When called for by the gastroenterologist, the expense can be claimed against your health insurance program.

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