Enterprise Service Management – A simple guide


In the pre technology era, clouds just used to contain rainwater, now they contain business worthy data as well. Especially during 2020, cloud services have proved to be a lifeline for majority of the businesses as they had no option but to work from a remote location due to the global corona virus pandemic.

In the modern-age business realm, where trends and processes are constantly evolving and changing, tools like enterprise service management can be very handy for organizations.

The term Enterprise Service Management (ESM) might sound new and fresh, but the concept behind it is more than a decade old. Let us understand the gist of ESM before digging in deep in the technology.

An Overview of Enterprise Service Management 

ESM software is the science of applying IT service management facilities to the areas which require improvement and enhancement in service delivery and efficiency. With ESM, the businesses can manage a plethora of work lines from a single application in a flexible way. Whether it is dealing with case management or HR or IT or project management or any other thing, ESM has the ability to streamline everything in a cost-effective way.

Enterprise service management uses ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) process and knowledge management to bring greater value to the business and helps in streamlining the communication in an effective way.

Enterprise Service Management and Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) might sound similar, but there are some stark differences.

Comparing ESM and ITSM

The list of key differences between ESM and ITSM begins from their nomenclature. Information Technology Service Management is specifically used to enhance the overall work process of the IT organizations. Enterprise Service Management (ESM), on the other hand, is a similar sort of service management services that applies on each and every aspect of business that is concerned with supplying services and not just IT.

ITSM allows the IT organizations to automate and streamline their critical functions and services. Moreover, it is very essential to have a prior experience of working with ITSM in order to use the best of technology.ESM software is widely used for businesseswhere requirements change on a rapid pace. The requirement in these organizations is more dynamic and simple administrative software will not be able to do justice with the needs of these ever evolving businesses.

Companies need to understand that the differences between ITSM and ESM are not straightforward. ITSM can be considered as a major part of the entire enterprise management system. In addition to this, ITSM, in many cases, becomes the base where robust ESM approaches are built on.

Benefits of Enterprise Service Management


Apart from streamlining the communication within the team and also between the customers and the employees, ESM provides a plethora of benefits to the business organizations. Here are a few to mention –

Maximizing business ROI

Using ESM can bring a good return on investment as it helps in lowering the total cost of ownership. As the work is more streamlined, it will be easier to keep the employees on the same page throughout the project development process and finish the assigned work in time.

In addition to this, the mapping processes help in defining the activities that will add value to the business. The companies can flush out the activities that add no value to them and by doing this, save tons of time and money in the long run. Also, as more number of units would be using ESM and ITSM services, ROI of the business will increase by leaps and bounds.

Giving the business a competitive edge

Researches show that, by the year 2025, businesses would need to embrace the tech-enabled systems and include them in their work process. This will help them to adjust well to the ever changing trends of the present day businesses and would make them capable enough to thrive under new and challenging situations.

When you in your business would opt for enterprise service management software, it would keep your business miles ahead of your peers and will provide you a much needed breathing space in today’s cut-throat competitive scenario.

Improving work efficiency

The inclusion of enterprise service management software can help the businesses increase the productivity of their work by a whopping 30%. ESM also provides the facility to track equipments and company assets. This will play an important role if the company is assigning remote work to the employees, especially during the time of the ongoing global pandemic.

ESM can also play a vital role in reducing the administrative burden between two departments by providing an employee self-service portal. In this portal, all the work related information of an individual employee is readily available. Thus, the upper management can just sift through the portal and understand the progress of the employees. It also helps in automating repetitive work thus creating a productive workflow.

Enhancing customer experience and service

The corporate business organization can raise the level of their service providing standard and deliver it better than customer’s expectation with the use of ESM software. With ESM, the employees within the organization would save time as they now don’t need to go through mundane and tiresome tasks and thus can focus on more important tasks. By focusing on the important work, they can increase the working of the product and thus will make the consumers outside the organization happy. Thus employees can work in a more cohesive manner towards the greater goal and provide better services to the consumers.

Better Transparency and control

The ITSM software will enable the employees as well as the higher management to get a complete idea about the progress of work related to each project. Better transparency motivates the employees to give their best and makes them feel wanted within the organization.

The higher authority, on the other hand, can keep a close eye on the work ethics and progress of each and every employee so as to keep the project on track. Enterprise service management process gives a free hand to the higher management to implement the internal controls. Apart from it, high level reporting on the work of the employees can be done in a hassle-free way.

Future of Employee Service Management

Companies today are adopting ESM at a higher rate, especially after the global coronavirus pandemic. On the other hand, companies are still coming in terms in understanding the benefits of enterprise service management software and thus are still cautious in adopting this approach.

The global shift in the paradigm of world business due to the pandemic will set the platform and ESM would play an important role in shaping the future of the existing and as well as upcoming organizations.

Business can reap in rich benefits from ESM software not only for the bigger operations, but for the day to day work as well. So, whether you are a small company or a chain of different companies, ESM software is and will be the go-to technology for you in the future. You may contact one of the best suited agency, from the top software development companies, to build customized IT solutions.


Modern-day businesses should now understand the importance of team collaboration, standardization and customer service. The capabilities of ESM and ITSM are endless, but the organizations must be well aware of their requirements before they jump on the bandwagon.

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