Epic Home Makeover Ideas for Spring


Open your windows and let the fresh breeze roll right in. The season of spring is here and it calls for a home transformation. It is time to clear the winter clutter, redo your personalized space in new colors and give a boost to your daily motivations. Lucky for you, I have gathered a number of remarkably simple interior designing trends that you can easily manage on your own and that will smarten up your home in a jiffy. Give them a read below and let me know which ones you have decided to try out.

Accentuate with Living Coral

Pantone has declared the pink-hued “Living Coral” as the color of 2019. Why? Because it is said to radiate the resilience of the sea waves and the brilliance of the sun’s rays in a single impression. I’d recommend painting your living room/bedroom wall in this color to give off an energizing aura. If you don’t wish to touch the walls, then reupholster the drawing-room furniture in hues of coral to offset it against a light color-scheme, and to welcome the spring in an accentuated way. Check out more coral-related design ideas over the internet now.

Purify with Indoor Plants

Nature’s green beings immediately enhance the overall feel of a personalized space. Besides the obvious health benefits, these indoor plants radically dramatize boring spots and breathe new life into your home. They create a positive atmosphere of wellness and do away with negative vibes. You can purchase low-maintenance foliage, like Chinese Evergreen, Ficus Bonsai, Fiddle Leaf Fig, African Violets, Calla Lily, Cacti, Lucky Bamboo, Aloe Vera and Lavender, etc., and spruce up your home for the spring.

Get Rustic with Wicker

Another way to bring nature inside your home this season is to make use of wicker-plaited and woven willow twigs, emblematic of olden times. You can introduce this traditional country element around the house in the form of willow baskets or willow chairs, etc. However, I’d suggest enveloping the light sources in shades made of dipped wicker to give off a rustic aura. The lamps can be spherical, rattan and suspended from the ceiling or long, sleek and standing in the corner.

Sleep Better with Luxurious Spreads

A bed is the centerpiece of your sleeping quarters and takes up a lot of visual space. That is why you should update the bedding in colors of spring by going for a crisp white bottom-fitted, bacteria-resistant sheet, a warm-colored duvet cover, linen blankets, gold-fringed pillow shams, a puffy patterned centerpiece and a top luxurious spread, etc.

Introduce Versatility with Terrazzo

Where everyone’s got smooth wooden flooring in their homes, you can carve out a new streak with terrazzo. It is a composite material, consisting of marble or granite chips set in polished concrete. This mosaic-type pattern exudes coolness and catches one’s eye without being over-jarring. You can re-floor your home with terrazzo-styled tiles and let the fresh spring spirit walk barefoot on it.

Come Strong with a Statement Ceiling

Even if the four walls of your room are painted in plain white, you can still give the space an artistic makeover by retouching the ceiling. How? One idea is to cover the roof in gold leaf to complement the crystal chandelier and create a sense of royalty. Another is to make the ceiling pop with a mixture of patterns and bring on that savannah feel. Just be sure to come on strong with a statement. Let it say something about you.

On the whole, I’d urge you to implement the aforementioned interior designing trends in your home to spread some love this spring!

Nida Shahid
Digital Marketer at Local Cable Deals Business graduate, writer, digital marketer, traveler, Interior design enthusiast, and a proud dog parent. She shares her expertise and writes for businesses to improve their rankings on Google. Probably one of the most amazing things about her is her ability to stay relevant. Her work has been posted on multiple blogs and e-zines across the web. Find her on twitter.

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