Essential Mandates of Making an Effective Web Design for Future


We all love beautiful things; they possess the power to enchant you and might take your breath away (not literally!) In the era of technology, your business website can be a very powerful medium to send out a powerful message if crafted and created in an exclusive way. Web designing is an evolving art the huge difference can be noted by observing how web pages used to appear in the past and how they strike now. Now the matter of the fact is that web designing is not limited to the overall look but now its a matter of experience too.

So without wasting further time, let’s take a peek of the key elements of modern web designing:

1. Minimal design

We often hear and admire this fact, “Less is more”. Today, modern web designers are adapting to the same technique while designing websites with a minimal approach. The simplest mantra for minimal design is the simplest design, free from clutter. The main approach behind the minimal design is to draw the attention of the visitor on a single thing. Minimal design websites often leave a mark on the customer’s mind. Some of the beautiful examples of minimal websites include Maaemo, Rachel Gant Jewelry, and Mahno.

2. Large and unique typography

Font speaks louder than you think in the website design. It helps people in reminding them about your brand. Don’t believe us? Do you remember the CocaCola website with giant fonts? It helped in adding an aesthetic look to it. Even a survey says that 38% of people will not visit your website if they find layout boring and unappealing. Even unmatched fonts with the design of the site will affect the business. Choosing front that is not supported by most browsers is also not a wise idea as it will appear awkward in other devices.

Take the example of large and unique typography from the Sergey Makhno Architects website, where they had used the large and beautiful font representing architectural expertise spilling of the business.

3. Background video

Background video is a great way to add emotion to the motionless website, which is mostly practised by leading digital media agency. This is the best way to reduce the amount of content on the site, which can explain the business. More than words, it’s the visual that leave excellent marks on the visitors. Wistia is a great example of background video; it’s a great way to engage the visitors and hence convert into a client. As a matter of fact, it has been researched and found that brain processes video 60,000 times faster than words. Videos seem to be effortless as compared to reading large blocks of content.

4. Giant product images

Another key element in the list of modern web designing is the large product images. Now major B2B websites are including large product images. The end result is that your website ends up with good looks along with an exclusive way of displaying the features of the products. These images are responsive, which helps in more engagement and depth details about the products. This helps in better understanding of the business and ultimately help to receive the undivided attention of the users. One of the great examples of giant product image designing is Genesis (

5. Large Hero Image

Hero images are meant for the banner images, that helps in catching the attention of the visitor. But they are supposed to be catchy and visible from a distance. It is generally placed in the background with the catchy content. A great image and beautiful words can do wonder in the engagement process. Not sure about this, visit to understand the trick.

6. Short product or feature video

Modern web design is more about evoking human emotions rather than just selling products and the best way to do it is through short product video. Visit to understand why we are insisting on the short video of the product. The video helps in encashing the potential visitors. But while making videos, make sure not to include a heavy dose of content and boring stuff, try to make it as lively as possible, because users just take 2.6 seconds either to reject or land on the website page.

7. Easy Navigation Menu

It is a proven fact that the easier the navigation would be, the more engagement it will drive. After a point of time, users may get frustrated to find what exactly they need, in case navigation is difficult. Never create your website in such a manner that it seems like the visitors need to go on a treasure hunt. Remember, easy navigation makes the visitors interested in your website for a longer duration.

8. Hamburger menu

How many of you like Hamburger? Most of us might be crazy for it and now modern web designer is also becoming crazy it. Most companies’ website has a long menu of options to choose from. But the problem is that it takes lots of space on the main page. Now, there is a workaround to this problem. Thanks to the hamburger menu idea, the website menu looks clutter-free and provides a clean look to the overall website. Ultimately, this is a piece of positive news for both the visitors and the website owners as the successful execution of the hamburger menu will resolve this concern big time!

9. Card design

With the rise of Pinterest, the designer leans towards card design. Content is distributed on the beautiful graphics, fascinating content, and bite-sized picture. Here users can pick the card as per the need and can choose it to get in-depth of the details. Whether it’s for B2B or B2C, it is one of the most emerging website designing ideas.

Summing up

These were some of the essential contributors to the dazzling and beautiful website. Take the expert advice of Web development company for the beautiful design and functionality. The right web design lays a strong foundation for the business.

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