Ethereum Casino Guide for Beginners

Ethereum Casino Guide for Beginners

Following the rise of crypto casinos in the online casino space, we have witnessed a whole new dimension to casino gambling. In this regard, many crypto casinos have, through their commendable practices, convinced some existing fiat casinos to also add cryptos to their offerings. What this has done is to incorporate more and more players into casinos.

Ethereum Casino Guide for Beginners

Particularly, we have seen an astonishing number of Ethereum casinos in recent times. The Ethereum blockchain network processes a larger volume of transactions in a much faster time, making it more and more attractive to crypto players. Our spotlight today centers on making all new casino enthusiasts to understand how Ethereum casinos work.

What Ethereum casino entails

The industry-long norm is for traditional online casinos to accept deposits and process withdrawals in fiat currencies. Ethereum casinos are online casinos that accept deposits and process withdrawals in the popular cryptocurrency Ethereum. So it means that an Ethereum casino is essentially a crypto casino whose focus is transacting in Ethereum.

To ensure everything is crypto-based, an Ethereum casino will typically also accept other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Tether, Dogecoin, among others. It suffices to say that Ethereum casinos operate within the framework of the Ethereum blockchain network.

It is worthy of noting that Ethereum casinos have much the same software developers as the typical online casinos you know. In essence, you will get to play the same games, including table games, instant games, live casino games, slots, and card games. You will also qualify and perhaps get to play any developer’s wide-area progressive jackpot available on Ethereum casinos.

How to register an account on Ethereum casinos

Ordinarily, account creation at a traditional online casino is replete with processes that extend to even your withdrawal. The process is mostly regarded as stressful and uneventful by many players. On the flip-side, Ethereum casinos have a lot easier process of account registration, which doesn’t require too many personal details.

You can create your account in the following steps:

  • Visit the casino and click on the signup tab
  • Enter your email address and password
  • Select Ethereum as your preferred deposit method.
  • Agree to terms and conditions and click the continue button.

Looking at the process, you will find you don’t have to provide any personal details regarding your residence, zip code, or even phone number. The email address is requested for the purposes of retrieving your password should you lose it and getting promotional details directly.

Benefits of Ethereum casinos

Crypto casinos came with the goal of changing the game, and to do this, there has to be something extraordinary they offer. You’ll get the following benefits when you play at an Ethereum casino:

1. Superfast Transactions

On most fiat casinos you can deposit and withdraw with a couple of banking methods, including debit and credit cards, prepaid cards, e-wallets, and bank and wire transfers. The most popular of these is the debit and credit card method because most players at least have a card they use for their daily expenses. Truthfully, these methods are instant when making deposits, but not for withdrawals.

The average withdrawal time in fiat online casinos is 2-5 business days – the fastest being e-wallets, which take up to 2 days. With debit and credit cards, it can be up to one week in some casinos before a withdrawal request is processed.

On the reverse, Ethereum casinos accept deposits and process withdrawals instantly. Once your request is received, this will be sent to the network, where it will be processed and sent to your blockchain wallet.

2. Anonymous gambling

Just as you are able to create your account without submitting your personal details, you are also able to remain anonymous on Ethereum casinos. You don’t have to type in your card details and provide your card pin on the web, which makes you a lot less vulnerable to cyber-attacks. You will be able to transfer your available balance to your account without any request for personal details, too.

In turn, you will likely not get any taxes levied on your winnings, since they are anonymous.

3. Higher welcome bonuses and promotions

What would a new player do without a welcome bonus? the answer is nothing! With this understanding, it has become the norm for many Ethereum casinos to offer huge welcome bonuses that trump the offerings on fiat casinos. The welcome bonus will mostly be matched to the deposit you have made.

But beyond these normal aspects of welcome bonuses is the fact that Ethereum casinos offer more welcome bonus funds and free spins to players. You will also get to benefit from higher bonuses and promotional offers, including reload bonus, daily, weekly or monthly bonus, cashback bonus, and casino tournaments.

4. Lesser house edge

From the casino’s perspective, the house edge is the advantage the casino has over its players, at least theoretically. Flip this to the player’s perspective and you get the return to player percentage (RTP). The RTP is the player’s expected winnings on a game in the long run.

Some fiat casinos retain high house edge because of the regulations and expenses they expend on a game. But, at Ethereum casinos the house edge is significantly lower, which is a result of lesser compliance expenses. These casinos retain lower house edge so you can have high RTP games that will significantly pay higher than average.

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