Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Moissanite


Getting engaged, or even considering it, can fill your soul with joy and happiness. This is one of the most important life moments, perhaps the one you’re going to remember and cherish for as long as you’ll exist on this planet.

However, buying an engagement ring can set you back a whopping amount of money. Most men spend between one and three monthly salaries to offer their beloved one a diamond engagement ring.

What if we told you that you could buy a gorgeous ring and save a lot of money in the process? Diamonds are traditional, we know that. Nonetheless, your engagement ring doesn’t necessarily need to have a diamond.

A Moissanite engagement ring can be an awesome alternative to the traditional diamond ring. Moissanite is as beautiful as diamonds, and it has the great advantage of being way less expensive. Find out more about moissanite vs diamonds here: www.moissaniteco.com/moissanite-vs-diamond

Why Choose Moissanite?


Moissanite is a clear stone that was first discovered in 1893. It has the same clarity and brilliance as diamond. Likewise, it is very rarely found in nature. Fortunately, scientists have found a way to artificially create it in the lab instead of mining it.

This is the reason why moissanite has so many advantages over diamonds. To start with, you can rest assured you won’t buy a “blood moissanite,” as these gemstones are artificially created. Diamonds, on the contrary, can fund local wars and other violent activities.

The other advantage of being an artificial stone is the flawless clarity. Moissanite can only be clear and colorless. Cases of gemstones with a grey hue do exist, but they are rare.

Last but not least, moissanite has a greater power of reflecting light, thus boasting more fire and sparkle than real diamonds. You’ll notice, however, that moissanite stones have a different brilliance than diamonds, particularly when they are larger. If you’re in the market for a stunning diamond replica, a moissanite is your best bet.

The Carat Weight And The Cut Of Moissanite Gemstones

As we’ve already mentioned, artificial gemstones like moissanite don’t have clarity and color grades. But what about carat weight and cut?

Moissanite stones aren’t judged by carat but rather by diameter. The basic rule is that the price is in direct correlation with the diameter.

Similarly, a special and more complex cut moissanite stone would be more expensive than a basic one, as special cuts involve a higher precision and a more precise craftsmanship.

Pick The Right Setting For the Win

Can’t you afford a large moissanite? That’s perfectly fine, we can understand that. Why not choose a smaller stone instead, but offset it by a glamorous setting? Moissanite looks awesome when set in any type of metal. Thanks to their special sparkle and shine, these gemstones look bigger in detailed settings. The way they capture and reflect light is truly outstanding and it can make all the difference when it comes to creating a fabulous engagement ring.

The powerful fire and radiance made moissanite one of the top choices of engagement rings. It’s very easy to understand why. Their beauty and the fact that they come in a wide array of affordable options make moissanite rings ideal for a lot of people. Now that you’ve already decided to ask your beloved one the big question, you can choose an amazing ring that won’t break the bank. It’s not bad to be able to save money on this purchase, as you can never know what future holds in stock for you. Why not start your new family with some solid savings?


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