FamiSafe: Keeping Your Child Safe


The virtual world is a maze that is vast and wide, each turn takes you at a different place unknown and unheard of which could be good or bad. So when a parent gives a child a device that is connected to the internet, they’re always a bit conscious.

You never know when an app or person could play with your child’s mind using the internet as a tool. Hence the developers at ‘WonderShare’ came up with a solution and developed the app called FamiSafe.

The app has features that not only help you keep an eye on your child’s activities online but do it in a stubble way so that your child doesn’t feel overwhelmed.

The following are some of the features and situations in which using Femi safe would save your child

App Blocker

There have been situations in which apps and games have led to children being obsessed with their devices and eventually becoming addicted to their phones. The addiction leads to harming their mind and body. To tackle this problem, one of the features of ‘FamiSafe’ allows you to block apps off your child’s device and making them unable to access the particular app.

Web-Content Surfing

The internet is full of websites and each has a different content, some of which you may not want your child to access. Hence comes in the feature of ‘FamiSafe’ which allows you to track what your child is surfing on the internet and also if you feel it is inappropriate you can block it from their device.

Location Tracking

FamiSafe allows you to track your child’s location, so in case if your child gets lost in a carnival or wanders off in the neighborhood. You can easily track them by using FamiSafe’s feature of location tracking.


There are some locations you never want your child going off to; in this case, FamiSafe allows you to Geo-fence certain areas so whenever your child enters that area you will receive an alert on your phone. Then you can easily stop your child from going there or be alerted of their whereabouts.

Screen-Time Report

Children are quick can get addicted to devices, hence endangering their mental health. The FamiSafe feature can help you monitor the amount of time they’re spending on their phones and you can also set times when they would use their phone.

Cyber Bullying Prevention

Cyberbullying has caused a lot of suicides leaving people confused and scared about how they would protect their child from using such an application that bully them. These days hackers hack someone’s phone with just their number so it’s become really hard for people to save themselves. The FamiSafe developers have also worked on this problem have created a way in which you can prevent your children from accessing such websites and also alert you if your child is being cyberbullied.

Now even after you’re not satisfied with hearing about all how your child could be protected from the vultures on the internet and their mental health being affected in various ways.

FamiSafe gives you a three day trial period in which you can check the effectiveness and use of the features of FamiSafe. When you’re fully satisfied you can use the app with an easy subscription plan that is monthly and yearly.

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