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These days it can genuinely be pretty hard to find somebody who hasn’t at least dabbled in bingo, such is its position as a massively popular gambling game in the 21st century. Of course, it wasn’t always like this, in fact for hundreds of years bingo wasn’t that popular within the gambling community, being used for educational purposes more than anything else – discover and play bingo games for free. This is all changed, however, when Edwin S. Lowe devised a version of the game that could have massive commercial success, and the rest is history.

Bingo halls were all the rage during the 20th century, especially with the older population, however online bingo has spread the game to a whole new part of society, and it has also enabled people who do not live near a bingo hall to play too. But it isn’t just normal people who love playing bingo, there are various famous celebrities who also cannot get enough of the game. Read ahead to find out a few of them.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

The Welsh actress and A-list celebrity Catherine Zeta-Jones has long been known for her particularly passionate love of bingo, something that she often explains is as a result of her playing the game extensively as a child. In fact, it is reported that a bingo win by her parents is one of the reasons why they were able to send her to ballet classes back in the day, something that set her on the way to superstardom.

If the same thing happened to us we would also be in love with the game of bingo, so we’re not surprised that Catherine Zeta-Jones is so passionate about it! Legend has it that she even crafts her own bingo cards at home these days, proving how much she loves bingo.

Cristiano Ronaldo

At first it seems as though CR7 – as Cristiano himself like to stylise himself – and bingo is a particularly odd fit, what with the football player being one of the greatest sportsmen to ever grace the planet. You wouldn’t really think the Portuguese global superstar has the time to play bingo, however as it turns out he absolutely loves it.

But here’s the thing: when a young Ronaldo first moved to Manchester United from Sporting Lisbon his English wasn’t anywhere near up to scratch, and for some reason the player turned to bingo to help him. The game helped him pick up a number of English phrases, and he fell in love with it in the process – you just cannot write it, eh?

Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams is a pop star of monolithic proportions, and has been for the last several decades, however this has not stopped him developing a particular taste for the game of bingo either. He has been known to take part in various bingo charity events in places such as London and Hollywood, and this eventually resulted in his love for the game. Nowadays he even plays it at home!

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