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When you receive hundreds of applications for a single position, sorting through all those applications for the most suitable candidates can be a challenge. As a result, the hiring process is likely to slow to a crawl, leaving talented applicants waiting too long for a response and the position open longer than you can afford.

Conversely, if the hiring process is too quick and easy, it is difficult to determine whether you have attracted the right type of candidate to your position. Fortunately, that is where hiring software comes in handy. Employers can use the hiring software features to sift through their list of candidates and make more informed choices when it comes to new hires. Read on to find out more.

What Is Hiring Software?

Hiring software, also known as recruiting software, is a program or series of programs designed to sort through a list of job applicants and locate specifically the people who are qualified to fill the position. This is done by organizing candidates based on many different criteria. For example, hiring software might determine which applicants have college degrees or the desired number of years of experience in the field. The programs might sort by applicants’ pay requirements, locations, and scheduling availability as well.

Thanks to this level of organization, an employer can examine a list of qualified applicants with more ease and narrow down the hiring process accordingly instead of spending weeks sorting through stacks of applicants that don’t meet the job requirements.

Automated Features

In addition to the sorting capabilities of hiring software, recruiters and hiring teams can also choose to automate steps of their hiring processes. While sorting through candidates is typically automated, so too is an array of other useful features. Recruiters can send automated responses to candidates, schedule interviews, sort through documentation, and even post ads to job boards.

Not only does job posting automation employ comprehensive ways to organize information regarding candidates, but it also allows hiring teams and recruiters more time to examine the resumes of qualified applicants, call references and verify certificates or licenses. This saves hiring managers time that is better spent getting to know qualified candidates. Not to mention, smarter hiring leads to better employee retention and less time wasted in onboarding an unfit candidate, terminating their employment for poor performance, and then beginning the hiring process from the beginning.

Along with streamlining the entire hiring process, hiring software is also capable of interfacing with several other hiring and storage programs. That way, information needs to be recorded and stored only once, and it will still be accessible on other platforms. This integration allows hiring teams to eliminate time spent re-typing information and reduces the risk of making errors while inputting duplicate information.

When trying to determine which hiring software would best suit your company, examine the features offered with each package, ask questions, and take a look at customer reviews. Gather a handful of different options before making a decision and choose the option that best supports your needs and budget.

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