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If your sales figures are in a slump and you need to find more customers fast, there are a variety of methods to connect with new potential buyers.

However, in addition to finding new potential buyers, it’s also important to keep your existing customer base satisfied, interested, and engaged. Read on for some ways to get that balance just right.

Existing customers: the ones you already won

It would be a waste of marketing dollars to let existing customers fall by the wayside in an endless search for new ones. Customize your post-sale follow-up with a process that keeps your customer’s buying cycle in mind.

In the car industry, for example, a customer’s buying cycle could be anywhere from two to six years, so businesses must find ways to offer their customers value during this time if they want to keep the customers they’ve already won. This is why deals on oil changes, tire rotations, and car washes are so crucial in the interim, along with constant branding, news, and sales offers.

Think about the primary product your customer has purchased, and then consider related items or services that can draw them back to your company for additional products or services. Providing options that would be beneficial to their friends or family is a great way to leverage existing customers in the search for new ones.

Having multiple product lines or service options to keep those customers engaged throughout the buying process is another way to augment your bottom line.

Big data means big results

In early 2019, it was estimated Google carried out 5 billion searches per day. A fair portion of those searches has to do with items for purchase.

With the massive volume of online transactions, searches, and ad delivery taking place every minute, millions of users are leaving a trail of data in their wake that can be put to work for your business. Advanced demographics can fine tune your audience and help you deliver the most effective message to that audience, which enables your business to purchase targeted consumer data leads wisely.

One emerging ad tool is the rise of questionnaire ads. These marketing strategies can identify exactly where buyers are in the buying cycle, which makes data leads even more accurate and valuable to your business. Not only can survey marketing help you find customers who are most likely to buy, they can also help you improve your sales process and customer service.

Boots on the ground

Whenever possible, getting out into the community is an effective way to create local awareness about your business, and the place to start is on your website.

Include keywords on your pages and advertisements that might be searched for or sought after by local clientele. Align your business with places and events in your area, so that when people search these things, your ads or website are more likely to show up.

Do you sell designer prescription sunglasses online? Try renting a booth in a local craft or antique mall as an additional outlet to showcase your products. Research state or national fairs or seek approval for a mobile vending booth in downtown areas with high foot traffic.

Sometimes cell phone companies get approved to set up tents in parking lots near busy intersections to advertise upcoming specials. These are the kinds of tactics you can emulate. Sponsor a snack bar at a golf event or agree to host a live radio event.

Keep your existing customers in the loop and get creative about ways to bring information on your product or services to the people in both the physical and the digital world whenever possible.

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