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A low nose bridge is a common feature of people with Asian lineage. The nose, being in the center of the face, is one of the first facial features that people look at. Having the perfect nose – one with a high nose bridge – is, therefore, covered by a lot of Asian men and women. Some resort to nose augmentation or nose job, a surgery that modifies the size and shape of the nose by making changes to the cartilage or bone. For those who do not want to go under the knife, there are non-surgical options that are both convenient and safe. A nose thread lift is one of those.

A nose thread lift is also referred to as a “lunchtime nose job” because it is a procedure that can be done in less than an hour. It requires minimal downtime so patients can resume their activities as soon as the process is completed. Non-surgical nose thread lift utilizes absorbable polydioxanone (PDO) threads that are fully biocompatible with the human body.  The doctor adds these fine threads along the nasal bridge to increase height and to the septum for additional projection. Similar to the function of a scaffolding structure, PDO threads are inserted beneath the skin to give elevation to the nose bridge and tip as well as to stimulate the production of collagen needed to provide sustainable lift for the patient’s nose.

As with all cosmetic procedures and treatments, choosing the right doctor to perform the nose tread lift is important. You can ask the doctor about the number of cases that he or she has done, the types of thread that he or she will use, and the post-treatment protocol and support. You can also request to see the before and after photos of his past cases so you will have an idea of the expected results. 

Knowing the number of threads that the doctor will use is also crucial, however, there is no fixed number of threads in a nose thread lift treatment as it varies according to the patient. A preliminary consultation with the doctor is needed to evaluate the current shape of the nose and the patient’s desired result before he or she can determine the number of threads to be used. Most doctors prefer short and smooth threads, which, unfortunately, are notorious for delivering very poor results. It is preferable to use thicker threads with cogs (anchors) for better lifting. There are disadvantages to using thick threads, though, as it can lead to trauma and permanent scarring to the nose.

Another thing about PDO threads is that they are bio-absorbable and will be dissolved in the body in six to nine months after treatment. This is due to the fact that PDO is a type of material that is used in surgical sutures. The results of a nose augmentation with the use of thread lift can last for one to two years and if the same procedure is done again within 9 to 12 months after the first one, a longer-lasting result can be achieved. Furthermore, since the collagen production in the nose is stimulated, some permanent lifting can be seen, too.

The success of a nose treatment using thread lift is largely dependent on the skills and experience of the doctor. If done with untrained hands, the results can be disastrous. Bruising and swelling normally occurs after the threads are inserted. Proper insertion techniques are crucial because kinks, dimpling, and deviations may occur otherwise. In case there are problems with the threads, non-surgical removal is not an option due to the design of the screw cog that act as a hook to deliver the desired lift to the nose. Any amendments to the original structure will need to be waited out until the nose threads dissolve naturally. 

If you want to improve the shape of your nose, getting a nose thread lift is highly recommended. It is non-surgical, non-invasive, fast, and inexpensive compared to other nose augmentation treatments and procedures. If you are looking for dramatic results, then you should probably look into other options such as rhinoplasty. A nose thread lift offers that subtle, slight lifting to the nose, and nothing as drastic as changing the look of the entire nose. If you have an autoimmune disease, active skin infections, or have been treated with a rhinoplasty in the past, a nose thread lift may not be suitable. So before you make any decisions, consult with a doctor first, and discuss your personal health history and expectations.

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