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A popular new direction that is up and coming in Singapore over the last decade is medical aesthetics. Once averted and often talked about in hushed tones, there are now influencers dedicating whole diaries or IG accounts to writing about their plastic surgeries. Trends in recent times, however, show a big and expanding cult of confident young people that consider cosmetic enhancements as absolutely essential for bringing out the best in women.

Another explanation behind the beauty scene’s rapid rise in popularity resulted in part from the ascent of technology, allowing clinics to gain improved outcomes with less pain and more rapid treatments. These advancements in the ease of application and shortened swelling further caused the mainstream nature and acknowledgment of cosmetic enhancements in Singapore.

Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss is a problem that is extremely tough to solve. Being constantly bombarded with ads from hair loss centers and beauty spas also doesn’t help in helping patients find the ideal hair loss treatment solution. Hair transplants are a possibility but the downtime and cost are prohibitive to all but the most determined people. Fortunately, medical aesthetics has advanced enough for places like Cambridge Therapeutics to provide effective and scientifically proven hair loss treatment solutions like this

Famous Rejuran

A groundbreaking cosmetic enhancement pioneer seen in the bright lights of Seoul, Rejuran is an acclaimed medical enhancement used to address the hardships of aging and improve the quality of the skin. A unique feature of the Korean medical world, Rejuran achieved notoriety going with the upsurge of the flawless Asian celebrity look — delicate, vibrant, and young skin that overcomes aging.

The crucial key component in Rejuran is a polydeoxyribonucleotide (known as PDRN in short). Results of PDRN are a bunch, ranging from betterments in smoothness, laxity, and shine of the skin, to lessening marks and fixing fine lines. Rejuran has the small drawback of causing your skin to appear rather red for about 7 days.

People planning to do Rejuran are strongly encouraged to undergo it only during a timespan where they don’t have the need to go out too often. Rejuran is usually priced between $900 – $1,100 for a full syringe, with clinics, often divide up Rejuran so they may entice buyers with a lower featured price.

Picolaser in Singapore

Picolasers are the freshest expansion to every aesthetic professional’s collection of machines and are able to deliver bursts of energy under durations of picoseconds. Picolasers have a host of functions and may be used for pigmentation removal, acne, tightening, and so on.  In Singapore, picosecond lasers are most frequently requested in removing freckles and tattoos.

The laser bursts fired off by the picosecond laser have the power to smash pigmentation clusters found within layers of skin. The smashed fragments of the pigmentation are then removed automatically by the body’s immune system, in effect, resolving the pigmentation. Practical knowledge is needed to handle the picosecond laser tools deftly.

The versatility of the settings and customizations on different versions of pico laser machines the many combinations of settings can be controlled for the best effect tailored to the patient. Picosecond lasers treatments are well-known for being quick, lunchtime procedures and require under 60 mins to complete a procedure session.

Some redness in the treated spots can be seen following the procedure. This usually goes away within a day. Picosecond lasers are charged according to the duration of the treatment and the size of the area that needs treatment. Prepare yourself to pay $450 and up for a small area.

Treat Melasma

With time, and as we grow older, our skin layers drop in elasticity, clearness, or starts to have darker regions that previously were not there. If you live in a tropical place like Singapore, it is not uncommon for a large portion of us to encounter issues regarding pigmentation at least once in their lives. Should you be unprotected from the hot and damaging sunlight, we submit this area of skin to receive damage from ultraviolet (UV) rays. Because of this, the frequent locations for pigmented to arise in, tend to happen in the most visible places – the face, forehead, and nose.

The crux in tackling pigmentation symptoms hinges on the identification process. For example, how different types of pigmentations can overlap others, sharing within the same area of the skin, but recommended treatment procedures of each pigmentation symptom may be altogether different. Methods for removal of pigmentation should naturally be made to alleviate the root cause of the problem.

Precise identification of the condition is fundamental to successful pigmentation removal. Blindly treating pigmentation symptoms is a recipe for disaster. Quite often, pigmentation conditions to be misdiagnosed as another type of pigmentation because of the similarity in appearance between certain conditions.

Studies show evidence of select instances of the condition getting progressively worse from the administration of the wrong treatment. Individuals seeking pigmentation treatment are advised to gather second opinions from at least three doctors prior to deciding on a chosen treatment plan specially made to fit your needs.

Remove Acne Scars

Acne can produce multiple different types of scars. Multiple types can show on the same patch of skin As the name suggests name to refer to an issue that plagues a large portion of the world, acne scars are permanent spots of dents or raised scarred points in the skin, caused by after an episode of acne.

Additionally, the difficulty of variables considered during the removal procedures is additionally compounded because of the fact that every person’s skin sports unique characteristics that could possibly affect the intended outcome of the treatment procedures.

To properly remove acne scars, the dermatologist has to first closely assess your skin type, while paying heed to the types & subtypes the acne develops that took place on the skin. This is crucial since the various types of acne will affect the various types of acne scars characteristics may form. To name a few, ice pick scars and hypertrophic scars.

It might be tempting to believe there might be a treatment that can totally remove all acne scars, but it simply doesn’t. Much capable skin doctors utilize a combination of various aesthetic procedures to tackle acne scars. Should you’ve been suffering from acne scars for some time, we propose that you gather opinions from several preferred aesthetic clinics to better grasp what is needed to solve your condition before you decide to undergo treatment. Commonly prescribed treatment procedures for acne scar cures consist of, but not restricted to – a selection of laser treatments, radiofrequency, micro-needling, punch excision, and skin grafting, as well as topical fillers targeted at reducing acne scarring. Costs, Low to moderate: $1800-$3500, High severity: $2600-$7600

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