Finding Low Income Internet Plans for Students and Families


Many internet service providers offer special discounts to students and low-income families. This is meant to facilitate them in availing a smooth internet service at a lower cost. Students need the internet at every step of their educational journey. The internet serves as a basic support tool whether they have to make an assignment or do research for their homework. To make it easier, we have compiled a list of the top internet service providers who provide an opportunity to the students and low-income families for fulfilling their connectivity needs at an affordable rate. So, if you are looking for some valuable information regarding such student deals, we have it all lined up for you.

Mentioned below is a comprehensive list of providers that offer internet discounts to students and families. Some of them even offer low-cost computers to facilitate the users further, and spread awareness when it comes to computer literacy. The leading internet providers who are playing an integral role in overcoming the gap between an effective internet connection and financial barriers include:

  • Spectrum
  • Cox Communication
  • Frontier
  • Mediacom
  • Suddenlink
  • Comcast and others

Cox Student Discounts

Cox steps forward to assist students and families who struggle with limited resources and cannot afford internet expenses. Those families who have K-12 grade students and get government assistance can avail home internet services at a much cheaper cost with free installation and no modem rental fee. To apply for it, students are required to be a part of NSLP, TANF or SNAP. They must not have any unreturned Cox equipment or any Cox subscription for the past two months.

Spectrum Student Discounts

Students who are eligible for NSLP can avail Spectrum low-income deals by their exclusive Spectrum Internet Assist. The eligible students can enjoy fast internet with speeds up to 30 Mbps and an unlimited data offer. You also receive a free modem and avail its no-contract policy.


Comcast offers an exclusive program named ‘Internet Essentials’ to provide affordable discounts to students and low-income families. If you fulfill their financial requirements, you can receive a much cheaper internet connection. This program can be accessed anywhere where Comcast internet is available. Comcast Internet Essential offers internet at a very low cost along with additional benefits of no installation fee and no contract policy.

AT&T Financial Assistance Program

AT&T brings forth an affordable internet service for low income households. It offers an impressive speed at a much cheaper price. The deserving students and families are not required to sign any contract or pay any extra costs. However, it is necessary for such households to fulfill AT&T’s basic eligibility criteria which involves qualifying NSLP, TANF, etc

Frontier Lifeline

The low-income families are eligible for Frontier Lifeline programs if they fulfill the basic requirement of the government Lifeline program. The prices and speeds may differ based on the locations. However, cheaper internet and better speeds are guaranteed.

Wrapping it up, there is a wide range of convenient options available when it comes to a cheaper internet facility to help the students and low-income families. You can check out the aforementioned top providers and their amazing discounts and programs to benefit from them, and not let your budget become a barrier towards smooth internet connectivity.

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