Finding the best CCTV surveillance company – What to Look For?

Finding the best CCTV surveillance company – What to Look For?

Security is becoming more vital for businesses as the number of break-ins, and robbery attempts across the world, especially in urban centers, have skyrocketed in the past few years. The equation is simple – businesses that can’t protect their assets can’t be profitable as criminals are constantly on the lookout for such companies. Thankfully, video surveillance systems, like other technological devices in the past decade, have improved a lot in terms of quality and accuracy. Most of the latest surveillance systems are automated and use tools like motion sensors and automatic notifiers to constantly keep business owners up to date with potential security issues.

Investing in a high-quality video surveillance system can protect businesses from theft (external and internal), unnecessary intrusions, and natural hazards like fire or floods. According to FBI statistics, 60% of burglary attempts in commercial spaces take place after business hours. Since employees aren’t present at the businesses, robbers and thieves get a free pass into stores, facilities, storage centers, etc. However, video surveillance systems are always active and provide admissible video evidence, which is the most efficient form of evidence in criminal courts.

However, the surveillance system market is flooded with many substandard companies and contractors. Selecting a surveillance company that matches your business needs and provides A-grade surveillance quality is vital. So, here’s a guide to selecting video surveillance companies –


Most surveillance system sellers offer some degree of customization. Business owners can tailor these surveillance systems to meet their specific business requirements. For instance, the owner of a storage facility will need his surveillance system to cover multiple locations. On the other hand, small store owners will only need a few cameras to watch their storefronts. The video surveillance company must address these business-specific requirements and create a customized surveillance system that’s budget-friendly and optimized to meet specific business requirements.

Vending and Installing 

It’s always better to partner with surveillance companies that both sell security systems and install them. The operators who work in such companies have better ideas about the efficiencies of surveillance products. Plus, these companies typically have access to better collections of surveillance systems. Speaking with the installation company about how they source their surveillance products is important before signing professional contracts.

Past and Current Clients

The best CCTV surveillance company will have high-quality contacts and clients. So, partnering with surveillance companies that help governmental organizations secure their critical infrastructure or with companies that work with real estate developers is always a safer choice. These companies come with assurances of quality. So, asking the video surveillance companies about their activities in the government sector, shopping malls, hospitality sector, and in public venues is a must. Typically, the surveillance companies that work on such high-value contracts charge more. But, they also offer the best and the most customized security systems.

Other Security Capacities 

The best surveillance companies don’t just sell CCTV systems. Their specialized security systems are applied in various ways. For instance, many leading surveillance companies offer car park management services. Many offer access control systems for government bodies. Even better, some surveillance companies also specialize in cybersecurity solutions. Partnering with surveillance companies with so many departments and capabilities gives businesses an added level of security and assurance.

Pre-Installation Assessments 

Top surveillance companies must offer on-site pre-installation assessments. The company’s operators must visit their client’s commercial space to gain a comprehensive understanding of any gaps that may exist in the current security system. Only then can they offer recommendations on which devices to install and how to improve the company’s overall security structure. These pre-installation security risk assessments are vital for the proper selection of surveillance devices and systems. Companies that don’t offer these pre-installation assessments must be avoided.

Maximizing Benefits

Although the main purpose of surveillance systems is security, they can also be used for other purposes. For instance, a recent study involving restaurants showed that establishments that had surveillance systems installed experienced a 22% decrease in theft and a 7% increase in overall profits compared to establishments that didn’t. The decrease in theft is understandable, but what led to the increase in profits? Simple. The restaurants used their surveillance cameras to monitor and track the amount of traffic they received throughout the day. Using this data, the restaurant managers were able to predict rush hours and hence prepare much better. Such data can also be used for strategic advertisement placement, improving customer experience, and to reduce customer wait times during peak hours.

Possible Insurance Discounts

Investing in commercial surveillance systems can also help businesses earn certain insurance discounts. However, before offering up-front discounts to business owners, insurance providers test the efficiencies of their surveillance systems. Hence, investing in top-quality commercial security systems can entitle businesses to insurance discounts. However, having discussions with the insurance providers and the surveillance companies regarding how to qualify for these discounts is very important!

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