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Digital, in all of its forms and incarnations, is becoming an increasingly powerful force in modern life. No matter where you live or in what sphere you operate it is hard not to be touched by digital in one way or another. Even on the most basic level old-school platforms like the phone directory or The Yellow Pages are not what they used to be. Most people who are looking for a company or service provider will now simply ask for a recommendation on Facebook to do a Google search. So, having a presence online is critical if you hope to generate any new traffic. With this in mind the question that needs to be asked is, how do you find the right digital agency for your needs? Here are a few simple pointers and ideas.

Evaluate the options

Not surprisingly when it comes to digital agencies it is a very competitive space. What is even harder is if you, as the client are not overly clued up on what is good and what isn’t in the digital space. But there are simple ways to test people’s credentials. For instance, if they tell you that they are the best SEO agency Melbourne has ever known, do a quick Google search for something like ‘local SEO agency’ to see what comes up. Without a doubt, the company at the top of the list will be the company at the top of its SEO game – if that is the company that claimed to be the best, great. If not, well they are already over-promising and under-delivering. You can also do things like testing page load speed to see how developers optimise for mobile and other platforms. Do the due diligence and pick a partner accordingly.

How specialised do you need?

You might not need a full-service solution; perhaps you are only looking for somebody to do e-commerce SEO or a partner to do some design work. If your needs are very specific, then look for a niche provider. It is always good to play to people’s strengths and you will almost always find that both the results and the prices that you get from smaller, niche agencies are better than from the bigger operations who tend to make most of their profit by working for major national companies.

Local is good

One of the things about the world of digital is that it means you can contract with partners anywhere in the world. This can be good in many ways and it can certainly be beneficial in helping to find cheap solutions – for example, outsourcing. But having said that, there is a lot to be said about working with a local partner; somebody who speaks your language and with whom you can pop out for a cup of coffee when you need to thrash through a problem. It really is the way to go.

Ask around 

Ask for recommendations from people who you know and trust. Finding a good fit between who you are and where you are on your digital journey and somebody who understands that and can relate to you accordingly is important. If the latest technical inventions are important to you then find somebody who gets that. If you are old-school trying bravely to move into the digital age, find a partner with patience and understanding. As much as it is about achieving good results it is also about finding a good fit between client and agency.

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