Top Flamingo Twitter App Alternatives for Android

Flamingo Twitter App Alternatives

It feels so bad that Twitter has removed the famous flamingo client support for the app on Android. Users are so angry but thanks to the Twitter token policy, it had been permanently banned. Only the existing users will be able to use the app and no new users will be able to get access to it.

After knowing about it, our team went head to head, researched and found best flamingo alternatives to the android users

Note: “Techlogitic team is not responsible for any data leak or crashes by using the following clients.”

Top Flamingo alternatives

1. Talon for Twitter

No doubt, talon is one among the best flamingo alternate client for Twitter in the market. Even thought it is a bit expensive when it is compared to other clients but packs in great features which are worth the price. It includes various visual effects with high end performance and no crashes. Just like flamingo, talon too packs the materialistic user interface under the hood that improves overall experience. Apart from these features, no ads are shown to users unlike Twitter. The sidebar is highly customizable and offers a night as well as a DND mode. A user can also play favourite videos and GIFs without leaving the timeline which is also another great feature.

Download from here($2.99)

2. Fenix 2 for Twitter

Followed by Talon, Fenix 2 is another great Twitter client from the day of its launched. It offers a great and minimalistic looking user interface that is warming to eyes and plenty of tools available to make it easier for a user to get used to the app quickly. One of the aspects where it outsmarts other apps is the multiple accounts features that allows multiple users accounts to be used simultaneously. Smooth transitions between windows, highly customisable home screen with saved searches just a swipe away. Apart from all these features, the app also packs in a great DM layout that is highly interactive. Moreover, different themes including dark theme can also be switched to in order to make the app look more clean.

Download from here.($2.49)

3. TweetCaster for Twitter

This app geeks more like a old school Facebook app with blend of blue and white design that does for all the screens with couple of features. It is a very reliable app die to developers that keeps on fixing the Buddha and pushing regular updates. In the beginning, the user interface might not look much j interactive and intuitive but after knowing about the app size which makes it lightweight, it felt like amazing and more practical. Just like Fenix 2, this app holds a ton of great features including multiple accounts support. Also, once can also Dave the links to read later if on the go, a highly customizable widget and also a search party feature that allows a user to search anyone’s timeline.

Download from here.

4. Twidere for Twitter

Well, this is the first app in the list so far that offers many features even after being freeware and open source. This app is very different to others and compete well will the paid alternatives. Apart from Twitter, it can be used for several other apps including Fanfou, Mastodon and StatusNet. It to packs in materialistic user interface with minimalistic objects. And add-blocker is also built in to avoid unnecessary ads by Twitter. A multiple account support, scheduled uploading of tweets, trans in UI are some of the best features in the app. However, one can also assign a tab to home screen and hashtags.

Download from here.

5. Finch for Twitter

Everyone knows that flamingo was hell of an app that was great that when the official Twitter client but after the app for removed, users are searching for a great app which landed us to this app. Input by the cutting edge materialistic design, this app offers a clean and informative user experience. Some of the best features include multi account support, a bunch of different themes, timeline filter as well as listing timeline in the card format. Apart from these features, the app also comes with a clean personal messaging experience under the hood.

Download from here.

6. Plume for Twitter

Last but not the least, we have Plume which is another great Flamingo alternative. It features a lot of amazing thing under the good service are well embedded in an amazing looking minimalist UI. Multiple accounts support, different themes, sharing options for Facebook, and lockscreen widget are some known features. Apart from these, the app also packs in a browser, support, predictive hashtags sand usernames while searching for them. Like Facebook, a user can also share photos with, YFrog, Mobypicture, Twipic as well as Twitter. At last, this is a great lightweight and clean looking at to look forward to.

Download from here.

Final Option | Conclusion

Even though the list is completed but still official Twitter client deserves some words. Wet know that a third party Twitter client offers a ton of features including a well designed user interface, no ads, search features and better themes yet privacy is the best in the official client by Twitter.

It is because singer or later, the clients will be shut down due to latest APIs by Twitter. So, all in all one must slowly try to switch to the official client.

So, this was the list of top Flamingo alternatives.

Still, have any queries? Comment down below and we will reach you as soon as possible.

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