Fleet Tracking and Vehicle Management Software

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Managing a fleet can be cumbersome. The amount of work you need to put in to stay up to date with truck locations, driver details, maintenance, insurance, and other aspects of the business is dizzying. Luckily, you can use a fleet management software (FMS) that will get everything done for you in one place. Surprising right? And that’s merely the tip of the iceberg. Here is what you get when you opt for an FMS.

Vehicle Management

Information is accumulated, stored, processed, monitored, reported, and exported by fleet management software. It utilizes data from various sources and gets the following done for you:

  • Inventory management- the software can manage your fleet inventory that is the number and types of vehicles;
  • Licensing, registration, tax and MOT test status so that you never run into costly trouble with the authorities;
  • Insurance due dates and the restrictions in place for the insurance type;
  • Vehicle maintenance that bases on the software for fleet maintenance to update you on routine maintenance and scheduled maintenance;
  • Cost management and analysis that will ensure you are up to speed with your financial standing;
  • Disposal of the vehicles in your fleet;
  • You should check for commercial trucking insurance cost and get one.

Driver Management

Another critical aspect of a fleet is the human resource. A couple of drivers can be easily managed, but once the numbers go higher, it becomes challenging to meet both your needs and theirs. Fleet software management allows you to manage your drivers effectively through:

  • Booking system in case your fleet has a pool of vehicles that are not assigned fulltime to specific drivers;
  • Driver license management;
  • Logging of both penalty points and license infringements;
  • Passenger safety;

Fleet Tracking

Another crucial function of a fleet management software is the tracking of the vehicles in the fleet. This function is known as telematics. It allows you to know the locations of the vehicles in real-time. If you have been running your business for some time, you probably know just how not knowing the location of a vehicle can result in serious losses at times. Some of the things that the software can do include:

  • Route planning which gives the optimal routes to get to the destination;
  • Telematics which is a cutting edge vehicular technology that is revolutionizing road transport;
  • Alerts of locations and any unforeseen changes;
  • Logbooks and work time which will ensure you comply with occupational health requirements;

Incident Management

Of course, you are well aware that accidents and other incidents are bound to happen u=in your line of business. Good software will efficiently manage incidents, including accidents and fines. It can even apportion costs to drivers in relation to regulations you have set in place that govern such.

Where to Get an FMS

There are two ways of getting a fleet management software. The first option is to find expert software developers to develop it within your company. It will be tailored to your needs. However, it may take a longer time and cost higher than the other option. The most recommended option is purchasing it from a third party. You will get all the fantastic features right away, and you will get all the help you need in integrating your business.


Now you know why everybody who has a fleet is talking about fleet management software. You too can enjoy the convenience by purchasing an FMS today. One excellent option is FleetPal Connect. All the best as you transform your business through better fleet management.

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