Food For Increasing Fiber In The Diet

Food for Increasing Fiber in the Diet

Fiber, which is generally known as dietary fiber, is a rough substance that must be a part of our diet because it helps in the proper digestion of our food. Our digestive tract is formed in such a way that it must get fiber for the proper bowel movement, along with fiber we need a balanced proportion of water as well, both these components decide the digestion process in a body.

If a person has not got enough fiber in his diet there can be serious health complications. The most common ones are constipation and irritable bowel syndrome. Thus, they need to consult a doctor who might then recommend them some prebiotics and probiotics to support the gut and aid digestion. You can see Total Gut Health reviews for more information on one such supplement.

In this article, we will have a look at some of those beneficial foods which are a rich source of dietary fiber and for retaining a healthy body one must make sure that he is in taking them. Fiber is basically that part of our diet that does not get digested in our digestive system, as our body has not got any enzyme for their digestion, these fibers are however quite important for facilitating the whole digestion process in our body.

Other than food there are many more sources for maintaining the fiber content of your diet, one of them is supplemented chitosan supplements are thought to be one of the most beneficial ones, for all ages.

How much fiber should we intake daily?

According to surveys, 35 gm of fiber is essential for the complete digestion of food on a daily basis. This amount can be attained through fruits, crops, and vegetables.

1. Prunes

In prunes, we have got some plumps, apples, and pears. These fruits are enriched with fiber. Almost an ounce of these fruits contains 2gm of fiber. So, if you are having 5 ounces of these fruits a day then you are getting 10gm of fiber, which makes nearly half of the required amount of the fiber daily.

Prunes have got an insoluble fiber, which is the cellulose, about which you may have heard in your school. Cellulose increases the amount of water in the stool; thus, it will help in the proper passing of toxin materials out of the body.

Lastly, prunes also promote the growth of duct bacteria, through phenolic organic components. These bacteria facilitate the digestive systems.

Having prunes as salads or raw, will not only help you in maintaining good health but it would also refresh your mind.

2. Spinach and Green Vegetables

A cup of cooked spinach has got 3 gm of fiber, so if you are having it then the half-circle of the total intake gets completed.

If you do not like Spinach, then you may move to sprouts or broccoli they also contain 3.5 gm of fiber in a single bowl.

These food items are enriched with vitamin c and K, both these vitamins weigh the stool, thus it helps in the proper movement of bowl throughout the digestive tract.

You can have these foods in your salad, all of them can be easily boiled and cooked in sandwiches or quiche.

3. Sweet Potato

Who does not like a sweet potato, you can have it as a regular snack for alternate days, so that you may not get bored with the daily foods?

The main component of sweet potatoes is lignin, like apples it has also got cellulose, both these things help in fine digestion.

Sweet potato contains almost 4 grams of fiber. You can have them as mashed, boiled, fried or simply add them in your curry.


4. Lentils and Beans

The best way of eating lentils is to make soup and drink it. beans can also be boiled and served with mashed potatoes. One bowl of cooked or boiled beans contains 19 grams of fiber moreover half a cup of lentils will contain almost 7.8 gm of fiber, which is also a good sign as you will not eat more fiber-enriched food after you have eaten it.

This means that if you have got a single bowl in a day then you do not need any other fruit, vegetable, or supplement for balancing the fiber content in your body.

Lentils and beans have got both the soluble and insoluble fibers which can help in alleviating the body’s constipation issues quite rapidly.

Even you can try Caspian Caviar which is a salt-cured and delicious food that is eaten as a garnish or spread.

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