Formatting a Thumb Drive: A Beginner’s Guide

People tend to always find the easiest ways when it comes to working. Time is so precious so convenience always will come first. That’s why convenience stores and fast-food chains were created to lessen people’s effort. Electronic devices on the other hand have limited storage capacities so the invention of storage devices such as thumb drives took place.

A thumb drive or a flash drive is a USB storage device made to help people store data from an electronic appliance to a tiny apparatus. Its main purpose is to provide storage capacity with a variety of data allocations. This device stops you from worrying about the storage space of your computer because you can safely duplicate important files externally.

Formatting the thumb drive is the best way to speed up its performance. They need formatting to allow them to get back on track. Some people often replace their thumb drives just because they do not work as fast as they do before. Utilize your current ones by formatting them from time to time. Here are the guidelines on formatting thumb drives using Windows and Mac.

Windows File Explorer

File Explorer is a Windows built-in app used to organize files and data on your computer. It is perhaps the easiest means on how to format a thumb drive. You can just simply right click your drive and select format. You can also customize some features like changing the drive’s name in the ‘volume label’ slot and it will automatically begin formatting run after you hit start. You can choose between the 3 file systems below offered by Windows to format your USB drive.

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Each operating system has unique file systems and each one of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. FAT32 is a general-based file system that supports all major OS. This is the default selection in formatting external drives. The only drawback of this system is that it can’t hold a single 4GB file.


NTFS on the other hand is a file system used in formatting internal hard drives or Windows system drives. This system is better than FAT32 when it comes to reading large files. You can easily read and write files larger than 4GB with a storage partition capacity of 32GB and higher. The only flaw in this system that needs to be considered is that it isn’t compatible with all operating systems.


This file system stands out among every system on the list because it can support unlimited file size and storage partition capacity. ExFAT is most commonly used on external hard drives. Be sure to familiarize these file systems before deciding on using one.

For Mac Users

Windows users aren’t the only ones that can format a thumb drive. Actually, formatting is easier on macOS because it contains a simple feature called ‘disk utility’. This utility is used to format any storage device easily through your Mac device. The main file system for macOS is HFS Plus that supports large files and manages Unicode encoding.

Benefits and Uses of a 1TB Thumb Drive

The main benefit of a 1tb thumb drive is that it can store files from your computer to a tiny device with 1 terabyte or 1000GB of storage capacity. In terms of convenience, this thumb drive is portable and easy to carry.

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A 1TB thumb drive is used as a storage device and a backup kit. You can also use this to run a different operating system such as Linux.  Run Different OS, Run Portable Apps, As a Security Key. This thumb drive also supports ready boost functionality which allows your computer to use it if it needs some extra Ram space just like a real RAM would do.

Top 3 Cheapest 32GB Flash Drive Products

SanDisk Ultra CZ48

In choosing the best flash drive to buy, there are important things to consider such as affordability and reliability. SanDisk Ultra CZ48 should be on your list. This 32 GB flash drive runs on USB 3.0 with just the price of less than $9. It also comes with a secure access software which lets you add password-protected files.

Kingston Data Traveler SE9G2

Metallic body and well-built keyring, Kingston Data Traveler SE9G2 is the best on the list. Aside from its aesthetics, this flash drive transfers data as fast as 100mb/s reading speed and 10mb/s writing speed.

PNY Turbo USB 3.0

PNY Turbo was a major player in the memory manufacturing industry. But recently, the company has gone to offer cheap prices for their products. This flash drive is not as fast as the other items on the list but its price is very affordable.


Choosing the best flash drive to buy became hard when different companies developed fast and affordable products. The important thing is that you can learn how to turn your flash drive into its best possible potential just by formatting it occasionally.

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