Free vs Paid VPN, Does a Free VPN is Enough to Protect You in UK?

Free vs Paid VPN, Does a Free VPN is Enough to Protect You in UK?

When it comes to free services online, what do we expect? Perfection, complete protection, or premium features? With VPNs, either you are into free software or want to invest with paid services, the question is, which one provides the right online protection, especially if you’re in the UK.

The frequency of use and when do you use service matters. If you use it daily, you have to weigh all your options and the features that each software offers and its possible cost over time. There are millions of people who use VPN every single moment.

Free Internetetsecurite VPN can sort things out, but you have to accept that they are not perfect. Spotted flaws are everywhere, and it’s for you to decide whether you’ll take the risk. Understanding the different features and degree of protection that they offer enables you to choose better.

Does A Free VPN Provide Enough Protection

An excellent VPN service keeps you anonymous, protects any cyber threats, unblocks regional-restricted sites and services, and holds no digital activity logs. Free VPN may compromise a couple of these must-have features.

That means free VPNs cannot wholly safeguard all your digital activities. You’ll be exposed to threats, malware, and worst—third parties can have access to your personal and sensitive data. The features and protection of a reliable VPN are not free.

That doesn’t mean you cannot have absolute online protection. While paid VPNs have excellent features, some won’t cost you a fortune, here is a list of cheapest VPN available in UK that you can check out. These VPN providers understand your need for protection, and they offer it at an affordable price.

Free VPNs make money from your usage while paid VPN providers earn from your subscription in exchange for the high-end protection they offer.

Weighing your options between using a free service and a paid service is more comfortable with both products’ pros and cons. If you use a VPN on an occasional level., then a free VPN may fit perfectly. However, paid VPNs offer unlimited and secured protection at some cost.

Risks And Problems When Using A Free VPN

Understanding the risk involved with free service and weighing them out can help you decide whether they’re good for you on occasion level or not.

  • Free VPNs track and monitor all your digital activities. They then sell this information, browsing history or personal data to third parties, advertisers, and compromise your privacy.
  • They allow other users access to your connectivity.
  • They have weak and easy-to-crack security.
  • Ads are interrupting your browsing activities.
  • It slows down the internet connection.
  • Free VPN services offer limited functions unless you upgrade to their paid services.

When To Use A Free VPN

Despite the flaws of free VPN services, some services can offer protection on light and occasional use. For example, if you need a VPN for a short trip outside the country, some services can grant you access to geo-restricted shows you’re watching. If you only need a VPN when using a public/free connection, it can be a good fit.

Though we strongly advise you to step off those free services, it’s still an individual preference. As long as you know the limitations and agree with them, then it’s a risk you’re willing to take.

Paid VPN: Premium Features And Complete Protection

Now that you’re aware of the risk and issues you’ll encounter with free VPNs, it’s time to check features paid VPN services offer. What will surprise you is there are so many premium subscriptions that are affordable.

  • Paid VPN services offer top-notch system protection.
  • They provide absolute protection for privacy and digital activities.
  • There are no speed or bandwidth limits.
  • They have massive server locations you can access anytime, anywhere.
  • Paid services unblock regional-restricted streaming services, websites, games, and more. Plus, some functions work perfectly in China.
  • They have feature-rich services that allow you to use simultaneous devices at a time.


The bottom line about using a VPN is to have absolute protection to hide your online activity without compromising security, ease of use, functionalities, and affordability. While free VPN can be enticing, especially those that offer intensive protection at no cost, you have to be vigilant and ask yourself if it is worth the risk giving into their blurred services.

Ganesh Kolekar is a graduate and geek. He is the man behind keeping the quality of the posts and manages the content part on the website.