Functional Testing For Mobile Apps

Functional Testing For Mobile Apps

Mobile functional testing includes a test of Android application, web application and Ios application for the various mobile browsers. With the growth of immobile devices, it is essential to test the application for mobile devices as well. If your business application is in not have the capability to satisfy the mobile users with its functionality, then maybe you are in a loss.

 Functional Testing For Mobile Apps

What is Mobile application functional testing?

If you click on the button and the button is not responding as per it should then, and there is a requirement ofFunctional testing for mobile apps. Testing the following are the various points which can help you to figure out why you need mobile application functional testing?

  • Can the target user perform its task?
  • Are the features well integrated?
  • Is the website compatible with all mobile devices?

Steps for mobile application functional testing

The following are the various steps which are test engineer must follow before performing functional testing.

  • Identify the various functionalities that have to be tested for the application.
  • Prepare various input data which is required for the testing process.
  • Determine the expected output for the functionality based on the requirement specification.
  • Create the functional test case for the functionality identified in the requirement specification.
  • Implement the functional test case on the specified build for application.
  • Evaluate the functional test result of each of the test case for accuracy.

Basics and general validations of mobile application functional testing

The testing process is dependent upon various factors which are as below:-

  • Who are the potential customers of the website application?
  • What is the category of the application like banking business education games lifestyle?
  • What is the mode of distribution?

For any mobile application, most of the following tests can be performed as a functional testing process. You can also consider them as the features of functional testing for mobile application.

  • Verify whether the important fields are validated for the correctness or not.
  • Verify whether the important fields are separated from not important fields.
  • Verify that the application does not run abruptly in case of interactions.
  • Verify all the investigation within the application.

Positive validations for mobile application functional testing

  • The registration link of the application should be functional.
  • The user should be able to register by providing various values to only important fields.
  • Uses should be able to register by providing values to all the fields.
  • Users can activate their account by using various methods like mobile number or email.
  • User must navigate in their account freely can access every important information accurately.
  • The users must log out from the application.
  • The password reset option is working successfully or not.

Mobile application functional testing negative validations

  • Try login without activating the account.
  • Try activating the account without code.
  • Try activating the account with the help of expired code.
  • Not able to access the whole information.
  • Register with already registered account details.

Above are the various factors which a test engineer should consider while performing the functional test for mobile devices. The factors will help them to make a checklist of the various requirements that the application must meet.

Best practices for mobile functional testing

The following are the various best practices for mobile functional testing to help the test engineers in the testing process:-

Collaborate all the requirements for testing

It is very important for the test engineers to collect all the requirements which are important to make a testing strategy. Always try to consider the requirements which are according to the uses as well as clients. If a test plan is not drafted successfully then the test will fail. The development team should co-operate with the testing team to let them have every detail they want to perform the testing process.

Create your test plan and priorities your test

Every different module in the application has a different priority for testing, so give importance to the important modulus of the application. This way, you will be able to draft a creative and effective test plan. The test planning is not always boring. You can make it interesting by involving other peoples in it.   Obviously, with so many situations your test plan wills we came out with high quality

Determine what can be automated

This is a very easy part of the test plan creation it is so critical to test the mobile application and to make strategies for the test. The test automation is here to improve the quality of the software with reduced cost, efforts and time. But it is also sensible to know about what you should automate. You must know which are the various models of the application you need to automate and which you are don’t want to automate.

Create user conditions

The developers of the mobile have no concern about the end uses. They just concerned about fulfilling their job. But while the testing process is undergoing a test, engineers must make sure that the tests are conducted according to the real-time user conditions. This will help them to protect what the user can do with application and how they can use the.

Manage defects with appropriate methods

After the completion of the testing process, the test report is here to tell you what are the various issues you have in your application. This report is you’re key to making your application bug free. There are various levels of methods in the organization which help the test engineer and developers to solve the issues of the application.


Today there are so many different devices with different resolution and operating systems. All the devices can affect the functionality of the application. This is the responsibility of the organization to test the application on different devices to make sure that the application is compatible with all devices and software. Also, mobile device functional testing is considered as much difficult as desktop and other types of testing so that test engineers must follow every step carefully and give proper interest in the testing process.

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