Gaming Headset Company Recognises the New Gaming Community Force – Female Players


Women are rallying in one of the most exceptional modern entertainment industries– gaming.

The gaming industry has always been perceived as the male-dominated area in all aspects, from game producers, competitors to consumers. Meanwhile, females were considered to be casual players and outsiders that brought no significant contribution to the evolution of the market.

However, surprisingly and happily, the changes in gender disparity may just be coming sooner than expected with different significant signs of progress, including the game production industry and gaming hardware industry.

She’s got the game!

The masculinity surrounding this particular domain that was reflected on the game storyline as well as the design of hardware. Most of the games were striving to be as manly as possible and attract their so-called only consumer – man. Until the mist was unveiled and the developers realised that nearly half of the players were, in fact, females.

The progress was never as romantic as any love stories in games. In the beginning, female producers and players questioned if their existence in this industry were only a representation for the sexuality and superficial gender equality. Leading giants in the production field such as PlayStation, Ubisoft and Microsoft were determined to eliminate their fears and worries by holding multiple conferences and presses that promote female developers and gamers to strengthen the community.

With significant progress in the production side, leaders in gaming hardware also showed their supports by designing and manufacturing products that fit females specifically. For instance, the SOMiC G951 female gaming headphones, the OPSEAT female gaming chair, and the Logitech small sized palm grip mouse are all designed for better fitting female gamers. Nowadays, the headphone companies have made the most significant progress in supporting the issue. Through innovative product design and functions, female gaming headphones give women the same experience and benefits as the ones designed for men.

More than a headphone

A traditional gaming headphone has a masculine and straightforward design with much heavier weight and bigger size than regular headsets. The appearance might stop many potential female players from purchasing the product. Even if they do, they have to deal with the heavyweight and over-sized headphones that led to discomfort during a long gaming session.

SOMiC is very active in providing as many options for female players as possible, which is worth praising for their action in supporting women. Besides their traditional gaming headsets consumers can pick up, they also produce female-specific headphones that eliminate all concerns females were having.

1. Colours brighten your day

The female gaming headphones employ various light colours such as pink, purple and orange that are usually popular among female consumers. The choices of these colours also bring different feelings to users than then regular black and white gaming headset.

2. Cuteness melts your heart

Two detachable cat ears are the core of the design that separates this product line to the other headphones. It grants the flexibility to consumers to show off their cuteness, and if they are in a mood of being less eye-catching, the ears can easily be taken off.

3. Comfortability eases your feeling

The concern of traditional gaming headphones being less ergonomic for female gamers was listened to and solved by SOMiC. They reduced the size and made each component more stretchable and adjustable, so that the product can fit almost every girl and woman. Furthermore, they are made of lightweight and skin-friendly materials to support a more extended gaming session.

4. Functionality supports your game

Those benefits above are built without sacrificing any functional advantages of a good gaming headset. The industry-leading sound quality, ease in communication with mic and universal compatibility are all integrated for the ultimate performance. Therefore, users are not choosing between either quality or appearance, they can enjoy both benefits at once.

The future for truly equal gaming

Female players are now receiving increased recognition and raising their influence in the industry. I believe there are still more developments to come and serve the growth of this segment. This is all started with the support to develop female-friendly hardware for gamers to enjoy. Gender disparity will no longer exist, and gaming can truly become an activity everyone can appreciate fully.

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