Gaming Trends to Expect in 2020


Although it’s already April, when it comes to gaming, we can only expect great things in 2020.

The year 2019 was fantastic for gamers. It had plenty of exciting titles, and we got technological advancements when it comes to GPUs and CPUs from AMD.

Here are some expectations from the authors’ point of view about the year 2020.

Xbox X and PS5

Xbox X and PS5 are coming out in 2020. We know that they will feature 120 fps and up to 4K resolution. Loading screens are expected to be a thing of the past since both of them will feature fast SSDs.

Both companies confirmed that their consoles would produce 8K visuals, but that is meaningless for us at the moment, as most people don’t own a TV capable of handling those visuals.

Another great thing is that both consoles will feature backward compatibility. That means you will be able to play games from previous console generations on them.

Esports Gambling To Reach New Records

When most people ignored esports and betting, some pioneers like started allowing bets on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and other esports games.

The website is often a sponsor of some of the largest tournaments in the world. They have proven themselves as the go-to option for most esports betting fans around the globe.

Unfortunately for the world, the Coronavirus has suspended, delayed, or even completely canceled most sporting events in the world. Gamblers are looking to find entertainment in betting on new things, and they can certainly do so on esports.

Esports betting is steadily growing, with about 7 billion dollars in wagers in 2018, and it is expected that the number will be 14 billion in 2020.

Mixer and YouTube To Pick Up More Streamers

Ninja and Shroud are already on Mixer, and YouTube has gotten exclusive rights for some Activision Blizzard games. Twitch has been dominating the streaming space for quite a while now, but the rules they’ve set up are often inconsistent.

That is the reason why many are choosing Mixer, YouTube, or even Facebook gaming to streaming their games on.

Battle Royale To Finally Die Out

PUBG, Apex Legends, Fornite, and many other smaller Battle Royale games have dominated the world for the past couple of years. The concept of the game is fantastic, but I believe gamers have gotten tired from it. They’ll be looking for other genres in 2020.

It might have been harsh to say they will die out, it’s more likely they will stay relevant forever, but the majority of gamers are going to look for other means of entertainment.

VR Is Getting Another Push

Due to the high cost of VR, not many people can afford VR hardware, but companies like HTC, Facebook and Sony haven’t given up on VR.

As far as we know,  Sony is still working on the next-gen of PSVR, and it can probably pair well with the PS5 that is coming out in 2020 as well. To succeed, VR needs more publishers to create and publish great games for it.

4K and 60FPS Gaming Becomes Mainstream

Graphic cards are becoming more powerful, and upcoming consoles want to make 4K and 60 FPS the new standard. That’s why I believe the 4K 60FPS hardware is coming to the masses.

Unfortunately, outside of gaming, there isn’t enough support for this move. Personally, I can’t wait to enjoy videos in 1440p.

Increased Cross-Play Support

A trend that started a few years ago is going to increase in 2020. Many great titles like Fortnite, Minecraft, Rocket League, Call of Duty, and other games have cross-play support enabled.

With new devices and services like Nintendo Switch and Google Stadia coming out, it will be interesting where cross-play is headed.

More Play Station Exclusives Could Become Available on PC

In 2019, Halo: Reach was available on Steam, and there are rumors about Horizon Zero Dawn is next. Another confirmed title for 2020 is Death Stranding.

Phil Spencer, Executive Vice President of Gaming at Microsoft, confirmed that many Xbox titles are coming to Steam this year, and that’s why I believe that Play Station will do the same.

E3 Becoming Less Relevant

E3 in 2019 has shown signs of losing relevancy, as Sony didn’t even attend it, and many companies are going to follow in 2020. Electronic Arts has its own show, and Sony has the PlayStation Experience.

Because of advancements in technology, high-speed internet, and streaming, many companies are simply posting videos that are quick and cost-effective.

Nintendo is using that strategy for a while now.

It’s expensive to run a big show as E3 is, and in this digital age, it might even be pointless.

More Remasters and Rereleases

What we learned in the past few years is that remasters sell, big time! Some classic games like Crash Bandicoot, the Spyro trilogy, and Ratchet and Clank were a huge success.

The nostalgia hunger of twenty and thirty-somethings is there, and the developers want to profit on this childhood thrill.

We can only assume that many great titles, as old as PlayStation 1, are coming out this year.

Cloud Gaming

Cloud Gaming is the elephant in the room for the next decade. Xbox has the Game Pass service, a monthly subscription service that has been very successful, Google is developing Stadia, and Sony has PlayStation Now for PS5.

The streaming and subscription models are likely to replace ownership of products, and the gaming industry is following that trend. This news is fantastic for independent developers as their games could be tried out for free if they are a part of a larger service.

Stadia did great things when they made it possible to play very demanding titles on your phone. Just imagine how playing Red Dead Redemption 2 during your lunch break feels like. It’s amazing. Unfortunately, it’s still early, and there are some latency and quality problems.

What I believe will happen in 2020 is that the reliability of those services will improve a lot, and we’ll probably play more big titles like Halo on our phones very soon.

Deepak Rupnar
After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.

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