Get Cozy in Luxurious French Terry

There are so many reasons why the bamboo fabric is the wave of the future. Bamboo is an incredibly fast renewing resource, and it makes fantastic and incredibly soft high-quality fabric. 

Suppose you don’t already own an incredibly soft french terry shirt or pullover made of sustainable bamboo rayon. In that case, you are seriously missing out on a classic yet a performance-driven piece of clothing. A state-of-the-art french terry shirt will quickly become the piece you grab time after time to balance style, function, and versatility, and comfort in all of your outfits.

Sustainable and Eco Friendly

Bamboo is one of the most sustainable plants on the planet. It can grow up to one foot in a 24 hour time period and is capable of sourcing water from the air as well as the ground.

Not only does bamboo grow quickly, but it can also be harvested annually and grown in the same location without the soil diminishing, so more land doesn’t have to be acquired to keep up your annual production.

Bamboo fabric is produced entirely from natural fibers. There are no plastics and no added chemicals involved, making it a safe environment for workers and for wearers. Bamboo fabric is produced with 100% solar energy and 99% recycled water in a closed-loop system making it one of the most sustainable fabrics on the market.


Fabric made of bamboo is naturally breathable as there are natural micro gaps found in the fiber of the bamboo. This helps create that lightweight, airy feel that dries quickly and helps circulate air to regulate body temperature.

These breathable micro gaps also help keep chafing at bay by actively pulling moisture away from the skin, helping to protect you when you are the most active.

Chemical Free

Most synthetic athleisure or athletic wear is treated with an array of incredibly harsh chemicals on the environment. These chemicals are used as treatments to make synthetic fabrics UV protective, order-fighting, moisture-wicking.

These chemicals wreak havoc on our potable waterways and destroy plant and animal life with their contaminants. These chemicals can also be harsh on our skin, cause allergies and long-term issues.

By switching to bamboo, you can rid yourself of the worry of harsh chemicals in your clothing. Bamboo is naturally order-resistant, naturally moisture-wicking, and has built-in UV protection. When you switch to bamboo, you know that you are helping to support a new wave in the fashion industry that does not contribute to water contamination.


Luxurious french terry is also naturally wrinkle-resistant. So not only is bamboo french terry fabric incredibly comfortable to wear. It also has manufacturing processes that are great for the environment, and it can help keep you from smelling stinky or injure yourself while being active. You can still just throw it on and be ready to go because it doesn’t wrinkle like cotton or synthetic fabrics.

The Future is Now

In conclusion, the incredible natural attributes of bamboo french terry are what set it high above other athletic clothing made from synthetics and plastics. Bamboo french terry is all about performance. 

Your workout clothing shouldn’t get in the way of your health, and the same approach should be taken when manufacturing that clothing. Bamboo french terry is soft, breathable, UV protectant, comfortable, and a healthy alternative for the environment.

The bamboo plant is an incredibly sustainable crop and can be grown year after year on the same plot of land. The processes involved in manufacturing such a high-quality fiber into high-quality clothing items is almost completely a closed-loop, which helps sustain manufacturing processes that actually help our environment, not hurt it.

Choose bamboo because it is the right choice for you and planet earth. 

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