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How to Get More Instagram Likes


Are you looking for more Instagram likes for marketing or networking purposes? Worry no more because you have landed on the right page. There are many things you need to know to get more Instagram likes. It is upon you to decide whether you want Instagram likes for fun or for marketing purpose.

Most of the individuals make use of Instagram for sharing pics with their buddies and also for snap sharing. If you are doing any business online and you have ideas on how to promote it online, then this is the right tool for your purpose.

If you have many followers on Instagram, the chances of getting more people will be high who will follow you and many people will notice the brand you deal with. Through getting more Instagram likes will help you in building your presence online.

Gaining a great online exposure gives you a confidence that you can do business promotion and expect more interests which assist you in achieving more followers.

The following are some on how to get Instagram likes. Just continue reading to learn more.

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  1. Taking high-quality photos

It is shocking that many people don’t realize that there is a need for posting photos of high quality. So many individuals don’t do this. You don’t need an expensive DSLR camera to take quality photos, but you only need to ensure that the lightning is working well and then you focus on everything.

Use of modern smartphones is recommended like an iPhone for great shots. High-quality photos are pleasing hence earning more Instagram likes.

  1. Consistent use of filter scheme

This is one of the main factors in building your Instagram brand. Using filters of the same set for all your photos which helps maintain a consistent visual identity on your Instagram account. There is also faster recognition by your followers thus encouraging more Instagram likes.

  1. Use of local hashtags

You need to use local hashtag because is the best way to go. This helps in reaching potential customers. You can google to get more information about the popular hashtags used for their photos.

Through using these hashtags you get a chance of connecting with people who are nearby and interested in featuring your business or your photos leading to the increase in Instagram likes.

  1. Share Behind the scenes photos

You need to share more cherished moments from your enterprise with enthusiasts and followers to help you strengthen your emotional connection with customers and develop your brand personality.

You need to give your followers a look on behind the scenes of your business. You need to show off your employees and also preview the upcoming product. Through doing all these you are likely to garner more Instagram likes.

  1. Sharing posts on other platforms

Social platforms are like Facebook and Twitter. You need to link your account with Twitter and Facebook to share what you posted with your fans in other areas.

This is useful to leverage your views and traffic to generate in your other platforms to point them towards Instagram profile thus increasing traffic thus increasing more likes.

  1. Tagging a location

Tagging a location to your photos make your people see your photos easily. Here, you need to tag a general area like downtown will make people view more. People looking for photos near them will also engage with them. Through this, the chances of getting more Instagram likes will increase.

  1. Tag a friend

Posting content which is related to your industry product and brand is the most engaging ways to get more likes on Instagram. You need to tag your friend about your latest product for more followers.


Instagram is a social platform where many people are using it for the different purpose. Some individuals are using it for fans while others use it for the promotion of their products. It is upon you to know the reason why you need to use Instagram.

However, you need to consider the above factors and many others so that you are sure about how you will use Instagram for which purposes.

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