Graphic Design Trends You Should Know About in 2020

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Every year we witness the emergence of new trends. As we entered 2020, we didn’t only enter a new year, but also a new decade.

Whether its fashion, home decor, digital marketing or graphic design, people are curious to see which trends will dominate in months to come.

From new and innovative trends to nostalgic throwbacks, here are some graphic trends you should keep your eye on in 2020.

Abstract illustrations

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably noticed those dreamy, abstract illustrations all over the internet.

Unlike generic stock photos, they allow for much more creativity and uniqueness. They’re usually custom, so you can easily stay on brand and represent pretty much any idea, no matter how specific it is.

It is also a great way to achieve a clean, minimalist look that’s very consistent and without too much clutter.

Just be careful and make sure that your audience can still easily interpret your message. Just because it’s abstract, it doesn’t mean that it all has to be random shapes and colors. You can still represent familiar everyday objects and human figures, that will be much more relatable while looking sleek and dreamy.

Color gradients

Gradients are not a new trend in graphic design, but it seems like they’re here to stay for at least another year. It might seem surprising that nay trend would have such a strong staying power, but there are good reasons for that.

Gradients started off as a great way to add some interest to backgrounds instead of using just flat colors. We’ve also seen gradients being used as a filter over images for added texture.

Lately, gradients have become focal points of graphics. And while it’s unlikely that they will continue being the main stars of designs for too long (much like any other trend), their quality lies in the fact that they are extremely versatile and can be used to add a little extra texture and depth to the illustrations.

Take a look at this infographic created by Infostarters that uses a gradient background with original illustrations and icons on top of it.

This ability to be combined with other trends and design elements is exactly what makes gradients so timeless.

3D Design and Depth

Another trend that’s here to stay is 3D design. This trend peaked in 2019, but it doesn’t seem like is fading away.

Thank’s to modern software technology, it’s now easy to create depth and 3D designs.

While it was used mostly to give depth to human characters, we can expect to see more abstract 3D shapes in 2020. It is a great way to add some texture and interest to otherwise plain and simplistic designs.

Similar to gradients, it is also very versatile and combines very well with other design elements, such as 2D objects and even photos.

Vintage design

When it comes to trends, it’s not unusual that they are not new at all. In fact, most of the visual inspiration comes from older time periods. We’re constantly witnessing comebacks prom previous decades and efforts to put a modern twist on older trends.

In 2020, we’re witnessing the comeback of the 50s’ in graphic design, following the mid-century modern interior design obsession during the past few years.

From muted color pallets to hand-drawn ink illustrations, vintage design is everywhere – on product labels, websites, brochures, posters, etc.

These blasts from the past are no surprise, especially if the goal is to evoke strong emotions for the purpose of selling products for example. Tapping into nostalgia is a great way to bridge the generation gap and appeal to a much broader audience.


It’s important to remember that trends are not something you should be a slave to. They come and go, and even though some of them stay for a long time, you still need to ask yourself – does it really match your brand? While you certainly should update your aesthetic every now and then, brand consistency is still essential.

Also, no matter which trend you decide to follow, don’t forget to have fun. Combine trends, mix and match styles, and get creative with colors and patterns to make your design unique and stand out from the crowd.

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