Gutenberg vs Page Builder, Which One to Choose?

Gutenberg vs Page Builder, Which One to Choose?

For starters who want to build and customize their websites, going through various page builder recommendations is helpful. It provides the right knowledge you need to know to start with something beneficial in the long run. Choosing for a perfect fit page builder can be a struggle uniquely if you cannot distinguish a few terminologies, shortcodes, and sophisticated interface. 

The convenience of use is a top priority, especially if you are trying to cut the cost and do things on your own. However, this should not stop you from putting those ideas into action. There are plenty of page builders out there. You might feel overwhelmed with options. That is why checking for recommendations, reviews, and product description helps you get to know which software works perfectly for you.

Individual preference varies per product and experience. Everyone has a unique way to understand and grasp onto something, including page builders. For example, WordPress is the most popular and widely used CMS platform. However, not everyone is comfortable working on WordPress. 

It goes with page builders and WordPress themes. There are majorities of groups that will agree that Elementor is the best page builder because it’s easy to use while others may oppose and conclude that Divi or Beaver Builder is the better. There are factors you need to consider when you choose the best wordpress page builder that perfectly suits the definition of an excellent site builder. Nonetheless, every software is programmed to meet the criteria of every developer. 

How To Evaluate A Page Builder?

Evaluating a page builder is tricky, while you can use competitive description one can understand, some may raise an eyebrow about it. So let’s try to simplify your preference and stick to what matters most web developers are looking for in every software and products.

  • User-Friendly Interface
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Every page builder comes with a unique interface for developers to use. While others offer easy drag and drop frontend interface, others have a different approach. Most feature-rich software can either be complicated to navigate or conveniently easy to work. 

  • Templates/Widgets Included

WordPress page builders come with pre-made templates or widgets that help optimize your website. One way to find out how good a page builder is by checking the number of functionalities it offers. It would be best if you considered this.

  • Notable Features

Page builders want to stand out among their competitors. Thus each offers unique or modified features. With this, you can take advantage of the additional features a page builder may suggest that it is beneficial on your part.

  • Styling Features

A well-balanced styling option that is not less or complex simplifies your job while providing outstanding performance and results. You can opt for numerous options or stick with a few yet powerful and highly effective ones.

  • Lock-In

Page builders have a unique strategy, and they either offer you ‘everything‘ or will let you get a glimpse of the great features, and you’ll end up wanting more. That means going for an upgrade. One of the risks with uninstalling page builders is that they leave your site downright messy, especially if you’re working with codes. 

Besides the features mentioned above, it’s essential to keep in mind the versatility, ease of use, flexibility, and functionality options when you design a website. That said, you can find a page builder by merely checking these options over your preference.

Can A Free Page Builder Create Dynamic Websites

Yes, you can create professional-looking websites even if you are using a free page builder like Elemnetor. This page builder, for example, has all the necessary features you need to create a decent website. It’s all about exploring all the endless possibilities a page builder offers to create your custom site. It’s where your creativity and imagination works.


Every page builder is intensively programmed to meet the right fit for an individual style. There is no hit combo, and you have to explore which page builder suits your style. If you find one that works perfectly on your end, stay on that until you master every detail encapsulated on the program and for you to improve your skills. 

Ganesh Kolekar is a graduate and geek. He is the man behind keeping the quality of the posts and manages the content part on the website.

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