Hacks for Choosing the Right Bluetooth Speaker


Bluetooth speakers are convenient because you can carry them anywhere, unlike wired speakers. Using a Bluetooth speaker, you can listen to your favorite music and enjoy top-quality audio that your portable devices cannot match. There is an endless selection of Bluetooth speakers, and each claims to be better than the other.

So, how do you know which Bluetooth speaker is right for you? Here are some factors to consider when you go shopping.

Audio Quality

The biggest motivation to get a Bluetooth speaker is because of its superior sound quality when compared to devices such as phones and tablets. However, some Bluetooth speakers sound better than others. But how do you tell which speaker sounds best?

Most Bluetooth speakers – and other audio devices – specify the rating of their total harmonic distortion. Ideally, your chosen speaker should have a rating of below 1% – go for the speaker with the lowest rating.

However, some speakers do not provide this specification. If this is the case with your desired speaker, don’t be shy to test it out before paying for it. Alternatively, you can research other users’ reviews regarding the speaker’s audio quality and other factors.

Size and Weight

Bluetooth speakers are convenient because of their portability. They are easy to carry everywhere since they are not wired. Ideally, your desired speaker should be small and light enough to carry everywhere. It should be small enough to fit in your palm or stash in your backpack. It should also be light enough not to tire you as you carry it around.

Bluetooth speakers come in all shapes and sizes. Ultimately, the size you buy should depend on your needs. If you want a speaker to carry around everywhere you go, choose one that is small and light. If, however, you are looking for a speaker that you will use at home, it would be ideal to buy a big one with enough sound power. Look for the speaker’s weight and size specification before buying.

Battery Life

Like most music enthusiasts, it is easy to listen to your music for hours on end. So, what good is a Bluetooth speaker that cannot support your needs because of a poor battery?

A Bluetooth speaker’s battery is just as important as the quality of its audio. Ideally, the battery should serve you for no less than six hours on a single charge – this should be sufficient to serve you for the whole day. Most quality Bluetooth speakers have batteries powerful enough to last as long – some even last for eight hours – but some are powered by poor-quality batteries that are not capable of storing enough juice to meet your needs.

Battery Care Tip: Bluetooth speakers use a lot of energy, and their batteries can easily get ruined without proper care. When you buy a Bluetooth speaker, ensure that you charge the battery to full capacity before using it. Additionally, avoid depleting the battery entirely when using the speaker – if possible, you should charge the battery as you go once it hits the 20% mark. You should also consider getting a replacement battery for emergency purposes in case the original one runs out.

Applicable Bluetooth Version

Bluetooth technology has been developing since it was first rolled out. There are more than five versions of wireless technology today. Your Bluetooth speaker may be designed to connect to a different version than the one you plan to use.

Most Bluetooth speakers have a specification for the Bluetooth version that they are compatible with. Check to ensure that the specified version is similar to the one you are using on your phone and other devices. Additionally, it is advisable to go for a speaker that uses the latest Bluetooth version. As Bluetooth technology has been evolving, newer versions come with benefits such as better audio and data quality, faster connections, and low power consumption.

Wired Applications

What happens if you wish to use your Bluetooth speaker with a device that doesn’t have Bluetooth capability? It would be frustrating, right? This is why you should consider buying a speaker that also has wired capability. It should be possible to connect the speaker with other devices through data cables and other cables that facilitate the transmission of audio. This will make the speaker versatile enough to use anywhere and with a wide range of devices.


Bluetooth speakers are generally inexpensive. Albeit you may want to save money, it is advisable not to spare money and compromise on quality – cheap Bluetooth speakers have audio qualities that reflect their price, and the difference in pricing is usually dismal.

Final Word

Enjoy listening to your favorite music in style anywhere you go using a Bluetooth speaker. Be sure to get the best speaker that you can afford by taking these factors into consideration.

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