Haunted House? Here Are 7 Signs That Might Help

Do you believe the world is in constant transition? The fact is that it is a medium for humans and other entities that co-exist. Just as humans live and survive, other bodies are also very much present. Whether we choose to accept it or not, but the truth is that most of us have faced some paranormal activity in life. Many houses have been resident to lingering traces, which make them haunted. Often tragedies occur in certain places that leave behind distressed spirits in their wake. These spirits or ghosts can later cause problems and tribulations in the house, from damaging property to strange appearances, telling if it is a haunted house. Many people have different theories regarding a haunted house. The best way to find out is to follow things happening around you closely.

These seven signs might help you understand better if your house is a haunted place or not.

Unusual Activity

From strange smells to eerie presences, these factors are a clear indicator of a haunted house. Smells such as perfume or flower wafting through the air out of the blue can be a sign of paranormal activity. These scents are often associated with mysteries of strange beings. Frequently the vents of the house can get filled up with these smells. Along with this, one might experience a feeling of being watched all the time. Numerous people have stated that while they are working, or watching TV, or even sleeping, they have encountered the sensation of being watched. These are signs that one should not take lightly and should make you alert instantly.

Eccentric Shadows

It is a sign that is alarming and also very serious. You might see some strange shadows or shapes on certain things or mostly walls in a haunted house. Moving entities that cast shades while they travel through the house causes these things. These shadows can be either in the form of a human-like figure or an animal also. You might not be able to see these shadows directly. However, from the corner of your eye, you can easily make out these movements. You may feel that something has appeared and disappeared in an instant. A haunted house gets usually filled with many shadows that keep on appearing from time to time.

Fluctuating Electromagnetic Evaluations

Let’s be honest here; all of us have been obsessed with ghost hunting shows at some point in our life. In reality, the SpiritShack ghost hunting equipment used in them is a true-life savior in many cases. If you feel that your house is a haunted place, get an electromagnetic field (EMF) meter. These can help you detect the frequency of waves in the house immediately. Any significant fluctuations are a big sign of the area getting haunted. It is the quickest and the most unambiguous indication that could aid you to understand. The higher the EMF field is, the greater the chance is that a positively charged object or entity is surrounding it. It’s creepy, but it’s also instrumental.

Personality Changes

One of the most chilling and scariest signs of a haunted place is its people’s personality change. In simple words, this means possession. Haunted places of extreme level have ghosts or spirits that have the power to possess an individual living in that house. When a person gets possessed, there might be many personality changes that you can notice. Staring from behavior changes to weird actions and tone, you may feel many things are different. If you notice any of these in a family member, this is a sign of a haunted house. Be very careful of these minor changes that you see as these indicate something unusual happening.

Stolen or Missing Items

We often lose something or cannot find it after placing it somewhere. A house that is a haunted place suffers from this issue more frequently. The spirits or ghosts usually living there steal or hide the things to cause trouble and misery. You might keep looking for it again and again and still may not find it. Then randomly, that object might appear precisely in the place where you had already checked. If something like this usually happens in your house, then the chances are that it is a haunted place.

Slamming Doors

You might not see the doors opening and closing, but you can surely hear them in a haunted house. Many times the air pressure is the cause behind it. However, many doors and cabinets slam open and shut in a haunted house without any proper explanation. The creaking of the door hinges ricochets through the house. It makes it evident that another entity is strong enough to perform these functions in the place. No other person might be present in the house, and yet you still might hear the doors and windows closing and opening. It is a sign that many people often report who have found out their houses got haunted.

Strange Noises

Unexpected or unusual sounds classified as groans or ghostly moans are very much present in a haunted house. Even some people have even explained how they have heard their name in supernatural whispers many times. Noises like screeching nails or water dripping from a dry faucet are some sounds that are common in places that have the essence of mystical beings. The best way to find out is to record some of these voices and to track them out, and see when you hear them during the day. It will help you determine if these noises can get categorized as creepy. Always monitor the noises that seem odd to you in your house.


Be very careful of any mysterious signs that you might encounter in your house. The important thing is to take notice and act upon it immediately. If signs are crucial and you ignore them, then a haunted house can turn into doom for a family. Make sure that all symptoms that you experience are reported and dealt with appropriately. As long as you understand that your house might be a haunted place, you can do a lot.