Here Is Why Wardrobe Designs Matter!

No matter what you do, it seems like you can never have enough storage space. When you start in a living area, it may seem as though you have plenty of space, but as you accumulate more and more things over time, finding enough space to keep your things becomes a burden. Hence, when you are designing your dream home or redecorating your house, it is best to stay ahead in the game. You should ensure that your wardrobe designs are adequate to store items you already own, as well as leave you with some room to grow.

Why Opt For Fitted Wardrobes?

When thinking of the best wardrobe designs for your home, that will maximize the storage space; people generally opt for fitted wardrobes. The advantage of fitted wardrobe is that they extend throughout the length of a wall, and they extend from the floor to the ceiling in height. Hence, they can give you ample storage space and help you get the maximum use out of the space you already have.

Why Are Fitted Wardrobe Designs Expensive?

While fitted wardrobes can be expensive, they are considered to be value for money. With a fitted wardrobe, you can get the most use out of the space that you have. Not only do they make efficient use of the space, but they look sleek and stylish. Hence, they help elevate the look of your home. Several factors determine the cost of a fitted wardrobe. Therefore, you may be able to find several wardrobe designs idea that are well within your budget.

What Determines The Price Of A Fitted Wardrobe?

Want to be prepared for when your interior decorator quotes the price for our fitted wardrobe? Here is everything that you need to know about what determines the cost of your fitted wardrobe.

  • Material: The most essential factor in determining the cost of your fitted wardrobe is the material that you use on the outside and the inside of the closet. While the frame of your wardrobe is made out of plywood, you can choose the finish of your wardrobe. Popular options include high gloss or matte finish laminates, PU, membrane, and acrylic. On the lower price range, you can pick any finish of laminates that you desire, but if you want to shell out a bit more on the look of your wardrobe, you can opt for acrylics. Another option includes particle boards, which are quite inexpensive; however, the major disadvantage of particle boards is that they do not offer a lot of durability over time.
  • Shelves And Drawers: When you add additional storage commodities such as shelves and drawers, it adds to the cost of your fitted wardrobe. Drawers can cost you a pretty penny since they require a lot of additional material and special fixtures such as locks and channels. Storage drawers which have a heavy-duty channel along with soft locks are the more expensive options. Additional shelves may add to the cost of your wardrobe; hence, you need to assess whether or not you need them carefully. If you need to hand clothes, having large empty spaces with spaces for hanging clothes is quite sufficient.
  • Design Of The Wardrobe Door: The design that you opt for can also add to the cost of your wardrobe. Plain doors are the least expensive option, but they are the most common as well. Hence, they do not look unique or particularly stylish. Opting for a louvered door adds to the amount of labour requires and hence, increases the cost of your wardrobe as well. Many homeowners also prefer to have a mirror on the outside often wardrobe. Not only does this add to the efficiency of the closet, but it also helps add the illusion of more space in a small bedroom. However, adding a mirror to the wardrobe door can end up costing you a pretty penny.
  • Sliding Doors Or Hinges: Sliding doors look sleek, and they are quite efficient if you do not have much space in your room. However, the fixtures needed for sliding doors can be expensive and add to the cost of your wardrobe. Hinged doors are comparatively cheaper, but they require more space to be opened.
  • Accessories: Additional accessories can add to the cost of a wardrobe. When you are building your wardrobe, you want it to be as efficient as possible. Hence, many additional accessories look tempting. However, it is essential to keep in mind that they add to the cost of the wardrobe, and thus you should pick only accessories that add to the closet.

Selecting a wardrobe for your home can be a challenging task. Storage space is a necessity, and with the fitted wardrobe, you can get the most of it. When selecting the design for your wardrobe, keeping the above factors in mind can help you ensure that the wardrobe is within your budget.

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