Here’s how to market your Amazon store

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Do you want to stand out in the most overcrowded market place of the world today? The great Amazon. It’s even bigger than Google so it’s normal to feel overwhelmed with all the competition and challenges it comes with.

Amazon, being the largest and the most flooded e-commerce platform has a lot to offer. But it is not as simple as setting up a store and waiting for the sales to come. Merchants can face a lot of hardships. The platform hosts hundreds and thousands of sellers in any given category. You need to go one step ahead to stand out of the crowd.

Amazon marketing strategy
As soon as you have launched your Amazon store, the very next step is to create an Amazon marketing plan and start promoting your brand in front of your target audience.

You need to aim for two types of sellers, the organic ones and the paid ones. Organic or free users are the ones that simply find your store in search results (though you need to work for that too) and paid visitors are the ones who are coming from paid ads.

Promoting your amazon store

Like any other ecommerce platform, amazon also works the same i.e. the more time and money you spend, the more rewards you are going to get. Here’s what you need to do.

Competitor analysis

The very first thing is to run a competitive analysis to collect sufficient information not only about market but also about your rivals. This analysis is basically focused on identifying the strengths and weaknesses differentiating you from your competitor.

It starts with analyzing your own brand and knowing what your customers are doing to promote products and services. This incorporates overviewing their reviews and comments to have further improvements. Secondly, after that your next step should be to take note of their questions and complains. Now whether they are related to the final product, staff behavior, or something as inferior as packaging. It is vital to take every single word from your customer seriously in an order to tell him that your brand values him.

The second step is to analyze your competitors from head to toe. Identify what their customers are saying about them, why their customer tale is strong, what is their target market, price scale, promotion tactics, and just almost every possible thing. Moreover, analyzing your competitor’s stock condition can help your business earn good points. For instance, you can simply have a check and increase your brand pricing as soon as you find your rivals having low stock. Moreover, you can also compliment this situation by boosting your add campaigns.

Right price scale

Another important thing is to keep your prices fair enough to be swallowed by majority in surrounding. However, amazon itself doesnot have any minimum or maximum range when it comes to pricing but the platform has a rule to implement same prices for every next product as mentioned on brand’s own shopify website.

In case of any discrepancy between these prices, amazon is straight forward to suspend your account. Moreover, lowering prices or offering discounts to attract customers is a completely different scenario to be discussed.

Work on the product listing

You know, on amazon, customers are hardly patient to spend a minute before taking a decision. And to compete with their demands, it is essential to modify both your product and content as per their requirements. For this you have to work on following aspects:

  • Make sure that the title of your product is clear enough to describe prospective customer that it is the one that is to fulfil their need of time. Additionally, make sure that it shows the brand name within the title.
  • Secondly, make sure to discuss everything in detail for the sake of customer satisfaction. From key features to warranty and after sale services, make sure you highlight every single thing. Offer things like free shipping and discounts for loyal customers.
  • In addition to the second point, don’t forget to give provocative description. Here, a long paragraph won’t bake the cake. All you need to do is to highlight facts to fill up the sales funnel.
  • Strive to be a niche market specialist as it can help you gain customer’s trust. Align your product range and tell your audience that you are an expert of the area. This can help you gain wider exposure in target market as everyone wants to be entertained by professionals.
  • Moreover, there must a proper image of the product from every angle.
  • Last but not least, your must include relevant keywords within the product description and title but don’t do stuffing.

Run sponsored ads

Take advantage from amazon sponsored product ads and market your products under the PPC amazon model. Additionally, make use of its algorithm that is to help sellers find most searched keywords.

Use social media

Nowadays, the power of social media is beyond ones imagination. Take benefit of it and feel free to promote your amazon via it. Moreover, apart from just promoting you can also offer a couple of deals to your customers for reviewing and promoting your brand over there as customers are more likely to trust social media reviews and feedbacks. 

Why choose amazon?

Digging deeper into the matter, we find many techniques to stimulate your amazon store. However, here a question arises that and how it is beneficial to choose amazon as a medium to sell your products.

Research shows that it is better to not to depend your 100% sales revenue to be generated from amazon. It is highly recommended to run your own shoplift platform to make primary sales and rely on amazon for the secondary purpose. This is because if a seller starts relying fully on amazon then the platform may take its benefit increasing the chances of exploitation.

Furthermore, the platform has its own benefits to be used as a complimentary channel for generating sales. Research suggests that:

  • Amazon bears 2 times higher search rate as compared to google.
  • Every 9 in 10 consumers use amazon for what they are looking for
  • Amazon is an open market place that may help your brand get recognized.

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