How A Coupon For Parallels Desktop Helped Me Run Windows On My Mac?


One of the ongoing issues for Mac users is that there are lots of programs, applications and even internet browser plugins (e.g. chrome or firefox plugins) that are not compatible with Macs. For a professional who loves Macs but needs to use specialized software, this can be a serious issue. The truth is that the majority of the software is built for Windows OS; that’s why many Mac fans carry a Macbook laptop but have a Windows desktop in the office. Both are on and they swift from one to the other. Couldn’t there be a way to make those two work together?

The answer is yes, there is a way You can now use Windows OS on your Mac using the Parallels Desktop program for Mac. This program allows users to run Windows and Mac operating systems in a single Mac machine. For many years, Macbook owners never imagined the possibility of using both Microsoft and Apple products together. The Parallels Desktop is a perfect choice especially if you are a Mac user since you do not have to reboot your machine in order to run Windows. Here are the benefits and features of the Parallels Desktop Program for Mac.

Seamless Integration

If you are wondering how windows can work on your Mac computer, the integration of this program is seamless and easy to install. It is easy to run Windows and Mac applications together without having to restart or reboot your computer. It is now easier to conveniently use all Windows applications from your Mac computer at the click of a button. This offers you the convenience of accessing the internet from both Windows and Mac regardless of the computer brand you are using.

Easy to Switch From Windows to Mac

In case you own a new machine and you find the new Parallels Desktop program on your Mac a bit intimidating, you do not have to worry especially about importing all your old data like files, applications and bookmarks from your old PC. The Parallels Desktop program makes importation of data a breeze. The program’s setup assistant helps you get all the data from your old computer to the new one. You only need to follow all the prompts given by the setup assistant and in no time you will have all the files you need on your new Mac computer.

Offers Boot Camp Convenience

Most business professionals may be working in Boot Camp hence this program allows such professionals and their workers in remote areas to get all the work done efficiently by staying on task. One of the most common issues you may face when transitioning from Windows to Mac is how your current Boot Camp account can be used on a new machine. With the Parallels program, you can reuse your regular Boot Camp installation which means you can conveniently and quickly get down to business and avoid any meltdown caused by Boot Camp account issues.

Discount Coupons and Software Cost

The software manufacturer, Parallels Inc. is an established brand that offers discount coupons to reward its loyal customers. With parallels coupons available, it is easy to get a great discount for this program. The recently released Parallels Desktop 13 comes in three editions namely the Business, Pro and Standard editions each with its own unique features. The Pro and Business editions require a $79.99 or $99.99 annual subscription fee and cames with a parallel 13 free upgrade while the Standard edition, developed for education and home users, can be purchased once for $69.99 Pounds or £$9.99. Coupons for parallels desktop can be acquired from technology forums and coupon sites like Spiqy.

Using the Parallels Desktop program for Mac comes with several benefits hence its growing popularity among Mac users. The Parallels Desktop 15 has many new features that further make the integration between Windows and Mac operating systems easier giving it an edge over other virtualization programs for Mac computers.

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