How a Data Cleansing Software is Essential to the Success of Your Digital Transformation Plan

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In today’s world of data-driven analysis and business intelligence, one topic that keeps propping up is that of data cleansing. What is it and how can data cleansing software help your business stay compliant with new data regulatory rules achieve your digital transformation endeavors? We are going to take a look at how important data cleansing is and why it should be an essential component of any business.

Think of data cleansing as a form of managing data. As time passes, the data that your business has accumulated over the years may be incomplete, outdated, improperly formatted, even duplicated. This results in slower and even inaccurate decision-making, costing your business in time and money. Case in point, you want to run a massive SMS marketing campaign only to realize most of your contact information phone numbers have missing city codes. 

As a result of data duplication and other errors, your business is inadvertently working on inaccurate data; the consequences of which can be disastrous. Incorrect data affects every aspect of your organization and not just the marketing, sales or customer service department. You need accurate data to act as business intelligence, helping you make key business decisions. 

To make sense of your data therefore, you need a data cleansing software solution. These solutions can remove inconsistencies and errors that creep inside your database when your enterprise relies on multiple sources of data. By using these tools, you get to enjoy the best of both worlds – happy customers, and increasingly accurate business intelligence and analytics.

More About Data Cleansing

Businesses generally hold a lot of personal information – this may include employee info, customer info, business info, and so on. With laws like the GDPR and other data compliance laws, these organizations are required to keep their customer data safe and in compliance with the laws. When data is not sorted or managed, your organization may end up in trouble if there is a data breach or data security issue. Data cleansing software do more than just clean data – they help you with data matching and data governance; activities that are essential to data management. 

When it comes to data cleansing, it can be done via software or via manual means too. For the best results, experts recommend going with automated software tools that can do the job in a fraction of time. Here are some of the reasons why:

How Does Data Cleansing Software Work?

Data cleansing tools adopt a multi-pronged approach to making your data clean. They:

  • Help identify missing or corrupt data 
  • Standardize data input 
  • Validate data accuracy
  • Remove duplicate entries
  • Handle structural errors

Missing Data

When data input is being performed manually, chances are there will be missing entries. These could be as a result of human error or as a result of a data entry system that does not impose automated standards (such as prompting an error if complete city code is not given in a phone number). 

Spelling and other structural errors

Another problem with manual entry is the high rate of structural errors including typos, misspelled names, abbreviations and the accidental input of punctuation within numeric fields. Data like this is also highlighted and corrected via data cleansing tools.

Dealing with multiple duplicate entries

Data entry person A and B could enter customer information differently, leading to two duplicate entries for a single entity. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get one singular view for one person? Data cleansing software helps with this too.

In a database, one of the most common mistakes that can be observed is that of missing data fields.  You can see omissions, duplicate entries and even inaccurate information being entered into those fields. By using a software tool, you get a list that details all such errors as well as detailed information on the data.

How Does Data Cleansing Help Digital Transformation?

Simply put, clean data will make it much easier to migrate to a new system or implement a new strategy. You wouldn’t want your teams to get bogged down dealing with mediocre issues like spelling mistakes, duplicate entries, and missing phone numbers when they could be utilizing their time to achieve something more important – such as implementing new standards, testing out the new system, measuring the new process, etc. 

For mediocre, mind-numbing work such as data cleansing, you don’t need a team of experts – you only need software that can deliver results within a matter of minutes. Quite literally, businesses don’t have the time today to manually sort through bad data, hence data cleansing software solutions are a much better option. 

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