How AI is Helping the World Recover from the Pandemic?

How AI is Helping the World Recover from the Pandemic?

Last year, Covid-19 became the first global health crisis of the 21st century. We made drastic changes in our lives. Businesses were closing, the economy was crumbling, the healthcare sector was exhausted, and people are dying. It turned the whole world upside down without us being prepared.

But after a year of fighting the pandemic, we are slowly adapting to what we call new normal. Businesses are opening, people are allowed to travel, the healthcare sector is slowly getting back from its feet, and people being hired. Vaccines are available in various countries, and people are being immunized right at this moment.

Despite the slow progress of returning to our normal lives, we still have a long way to go. Vaccines are just the beginning. There are plenty of ways to recover from the pandemic, and that’s with the use of Artificial Intelligence.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is a branch of computer science that focuses on building smart machines that can perform daily tasks. With the advancement in machine learning and deep learning, AI is becoming far more intelligent than performing simple activities.

As it keeps on advancing, AI becomes an aid in every sector of the industry.

Artificial Intelligence and Various Industries

AI is used in multiple industries. The global market of AI has a value of $62.35 billion in 2020. It is predicted to expand in 2021 to 2028 from about 40.2%.

As tech giants continue to improve AI, it would create possibilities that can be implemented in different industries.

Before the pandemic, some sectors utilized the power of AI in their organizations.


AI in healthcare helps simplify complicated tasks and caters to individuals in the industry by providing better outcomes.

Here are some ways AI assists in the healthcare industry:


AI technology helps take away the burden on both the patient and the doctor. It can store records of all the signs and symptoms mentioned by the patient and relieve doctors from attending cases that don’t require much medical attention.

One known AI-powered technology in the healthcare sector is Babylon Health. It’s a London-based digital-first healthcare provider that gives accessible health services to every patient while allowing doctors more time to focus on other cases.

Babylon will ask you questions and would eventually recommend if you should seek human advice from your primary healthcare or you can take over-the-counter prescriptions.

Simplifying Surgical Procedures

The more complicated the surgery, the longer it takes for the patient to heal. With robot-assisted surgery, the operation becomes minimally invasive. These AI robots use the data from patients’ records to guide surgeons during surgery. Also, it utilizes multiple records from the past to come up with new surgical techniques.

Automation of Administrative Task

AI simplifies the healthcare admin task by saving time from writing and filing records of patients. There are technologies such as voice-to-text transcription that can write down notes of the patient’s medical history, prescribe medications, order tests, and more.


People in the education sector benefits from AI. It can perform administrative tasks to help educators focus on what matters. Furthermore, it’s not only the educators who benefit from AI. Students can learn quickly and well, as AI can personalize their content to fit the needs of each student. There is no need for students to feel left behind.

With AI in education, access to textbooks and lessons becomes easier. Students can translate the book or content to their preferred language. Also, it helps children with impaired vision to learn. It makes education more accessible and inclusive to everyone.


Businesses adopt AI into their employees’ day-to-day lives. Traditional business practices are not enough to help organizations grow. Therefore, adapting to the latest technological trends move everything forward.

AI is used in the success of the customer service department by providing customers with instant answers to their questions, solve issues, and improve customers’ satisfaction.

It also gathers all the data available from a business and looks for valuable insights that can be used to improve its overall performance.

Furthermore, it enhances team collaboration and efficiency with productivity tools incorporated by AI technology. Even in the marketing department, AI takes over by automating the scheduling and posting process. In addition, it personalizes emails and content for a targeted audience.

AI has been around for many years. It has undergone plenty of changes to become what we know now as an aid to various industries. But how can we utilize the power of AI to help us recover from this pandemic? Is it possible?

How can AI Help the World Recover from COVID-19?

AI technology was adapted in sectors such as healthcare, data analysis, and research. With machine learning, AI helps provide information about the virus, predicts outcomes of spread and death, and assists hospitals in medical care and follow-up plans.

Contact Tracing and Early Detection

During the start of the pandemic, detecting the presence of the virus was not possible until AI was used on apps and gadgets.

According to data, contact tracing apps limit the spread of the virus. It involves the Google/Apple Exposure Notification (GAEN) system. When two people with the app are within 2 meters for more than 15 minutes, users can get a notification about the person if they are positive or not. Therefore, it allows users to get tested and isolate themselves to avoid spreading the virus further.

In China, they have combined AI and temperature measurement technology to create a smart glass. Security guards or people in charge can detect anyone who has a fever without making contact. As fever is one of the symptoms of COVID-19, people who are detected by this technology can quickly act and isolate the person from others.

Image Scanning Analysis

The number of individuals being tested increased, which is labor-intensive and time-consuming. Therefore, x-ray scanning with AI programs is available to check for lung abnormalities. It provides faster evaluation for quicker actions.

Minimize Spread by Minimizing Contact

The risk of cross-infection can be minimized with AI-based robots. Some parts of the world operate with robots and drones for contactless delivery and checking individuals with fever. They also have robots to serve food and medicine.

Relieve Healthcare Professionals from Heavy Workload

Medical professionals use AI-powered voice assistants to help record and take notes of patients’ medical history. It understands what the doctor prefers and how they practice. Most AI voice assistants are securely protected from data breaches. Hence, all medical records are safe. Also, voice assistant helps medical professionals do the job faster and provide appropriate treatments.

Covid-19 chatbots powered by Azure and various platforms help individuals decide on the diagnosis and treatment of Covid-19. Also, it connects people to a health care provider if needed.

Vaccination Development and Decision-making

After a year when the pandemic happened, pharmaceutical companies are rolling out vaccines. AI allows humans to study the virus, create vaccines, and check its effectiveness.

Also, AI can assist in determining which population to vaccinate first and aid in decision making. It solves the distribution of the vaccine by identifying those who are interested and give information to those who are not vaccinated.

With AI and human knowledge working together, it will help reduce the spread of the virus and immunize the entire population.

AI is in charge of data mining, prediction, and simplifying repetitive tasks. The modern data it has collected can help us recover from this pandemic and prepare us for a future health crisis.

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