How Artificial Intelligence is Improving Online Gambling Experience?


We are living in a world that is surrounded by newly developed technologies and we are literally enjoying every bit of it for our comfort at various needs. The new artificial intelligence techs have made our life easy at home, work, and many other places. The new tech development has also affected the online gambling experience. Earlier, there were only casino sites like Leovegas which were accessible through computers and in the last decade we saw the rise of mobile casino apps. But now there are a few more things that we can experience in the new decade at online casinos. The new technological trends at online gambling platforms will surely improve our gameplay experience. We have made a list of new AI techs that are already incorporated in online casinos but they have got potential to enhance the gaming experience in the new future.

3D Casino Games

Well, the number of 3D casino games and providers of them is limited but this technological improvement in online gambling is really enhancing the gameplay experience. There is a number of 3D slots, 3D roulette, and several other games available at online casinos. In the future, we can expect many more 3D gambling games with the real sound of the table, cards, and live dealers so players will get the experience of real casinos at their home.

AR and VR

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are technically the future of almost every business and gambling is no exception. Several online casinos have tried to put out the casino games that support the AR and VR headsets and this formula have worked really well. Just like 3D games, casino games made for AR and VR would deliver amazing gameplay experience even through mobile gambling apps as most of the smartphone supports VR headsets now.

Crypto Incorporation

When introduced in 2009, cryptocurrencies were a really hot topic. Initially, there was a topic of controversy but we saw how secure they are and they are the future. So this financial technology is also can be a big game-changer in online gambling. People are looking for safer and secure transaction methods than cards and eWallets which don’t leave traces on the bank statement and there is no better option than cryptocurrencies. Various online casinos have already adopted the use of cryptocurrency for the benefits of customer and in the decade we may see crypto as the primary payment option.

Casino on the Wearable

We love the fact of how artificial intelligence is helping us in order to maintain our health through smartwatches, Apple Watch is a great example for it. Mobile gambling is a great alternative to computer gambling but smartphone gambling is the future. Microgaming had already put out a concept smartwatch a few years back which allowed users to play slots. In the future, we can expect more casino games on such wearable smart devices so people won’t even have to take out their phone from pocket play slots or other games quickly.


This is just the tip of the iceberg as we can see many new AI changes in online gambling in the future. These are some of the things which are already used in some online casinos but we may see completely new technological changes till the end of this decade.

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