How Big Data Influences Content Marketing?

Content Marketing

Great blog writers know that having a strong content marketing strategy is essential for creating a user experience. All content strategies should enable users to design, create and distribute interesting and shareable content for readers.

To be effective at content marketing, you need to experiment constantly to look towards the new patterns and latest trends in order to deliver the best content for your brand. This can be achieved by looking at what others are doing and to determine what works well and what doesn’t.

Content Marketing Strategies:

  1. Review web analytics: By keeping an eye on your analytics data, you can find out about your reader’s needs and interests. Review keywords, bounce rates and user behaviour to learn information that you can use to craft content.
  2. Social networks: Review the other websites, blogs, forums and networking sites that your readers are using.
  3. Research your industry: Keeping an eye on relevant research studies in your industry can give you knowledge about the marketplace and your competition.
  4. Customer surveys: If you have a loyal fan base, why not ask them questions about their interests and what they want to learn more about? This will help you craft your message to match that.

SEO Friendly Content

Creating content that satisfy the needs of your audience is vital to effectively marketing your business. Before you can even get to that, you need to be able to attract your audience to your website. An essential part of your strategy to achieve this must be search engine optimisation (SEO) and integrating keywords into the content that you create.

“Because marketers are always competing against each other on content, the rankings are constantly moving in response to the assessment of each site against the search engine’s algorithm,” says Arthur Bejarano, a business blogger at Draft Beyond and Researchpapersuk. “Google, for example, brings out between 500-600 amendments to their algorithm every year.”

One top tip is to focus on just one keyword per blog page. Choose a word or expression that your article or webpage can be located with and that is your focus keyword. Make sure that you use that keyword or expression at least three or four times in your web page or article, but make sure that it sounds natural. An article that sounds robotic will be marked lower in the rankings.

Whilst it is important to optimise your content for the search engines, you shouldn’t overdo it. You are writing for an audience that wants to learn and have their needs met, not a web crawler, so you need to make sure that your writing excites and inspires your readers. Although SEO is important, you should not sacrifice user experience for it. The best thing that you can do for SEO is to make sure that you exactly match the original enquiry of the reader, as this is powerful for the search engine rankings.

Another SEO tip is to make sure that you include enough data. You should make sure that you have at least three hundred words and it should all be quality content.

Visual Content

One strategy that is essential in today’s marketplace is an inclusion of visual content, using both photos and videos to capture attention. Visual content gets 94% more attention than posts without photos and videos and over 50% of all advertisers say that content with videos has the best return on investment.

Help your Customer

“The best advice that we can give you on how to utilise your content is to really concentrate on adding value for your customer,” says Letha Dowdy, a marketer at Last minute writing and Writinity. “Make sure that you proactively solve their problems and leave them having had a great experience on your site.”

By creating good quality content that adds values for your customer, you will attract new readers and create long lasting relationships with your readers. Include video content so that they can get to know you personally and build a strong bond with your brand. This is far more important than making sure a web-bot finds a specific word throughout your blog posts. Follow these tips and you are sure to find your content marketing strategy to be a real success.

As an independent writer and editor, Claire Bookman creates content at and Sharing her professional experiences, she writes on a variety of aspects of a writer’s career – from writing tips to creating campaigns to publish.