How Can Homework Be Used For Integrated And Holistic Development In The Education System?

Integrated And Holistic Development In The Education System

We see that Holistic education aims at prepping up young minds to address their mental, as well as physical, emotional, along with spiritual needs. We know that it is built on the principles of wholeness as well as is a framework that fosters inter-connected learning at the same time. We see that at the core, it is experiential learning, where they have to focus on learning by examples and activity, as well as impart knowledge beyond books and the classroom itself.  We see that, unlike traditional education which focuses on facts as well as knowledge alone, holistic education prepares children to tackle all kinds of worldly issues at the same time. We see that online teaching through mobile can be a great way to make students learn in an integrated and holistic manner. We see that the online classes app can be a great way to learn how to learn in an integrated, elemental, and holistic manner.

Integrated And Holistic Development In The Education System

We see that Book-based learning can get them good grades, but it is not enough to make them prudent citizens as well. We ask how a child sees himself and the world around him starts very early in his life as well. While we see that traditional, assessment-centric education doesn’t leave this aspect out completely, the focus is more on grades at the same time. With holistic learning, we see that it is a completely different scenario. We see that there are many significant benefits of holistic learning are such as it fosters a connection between all aspects of life. As mentioned, we see that holistic learning sees a student as a whole individual with emotional, mental, societal, along with physical enrichment needs.  We know that as such, challenging even one aspect of their lives may lead to major developmental issues going forward as well. We see that this is where holistic education plays a pivotal role by employing innovative pedagogy to exercise a child’s body, mind, as well as the soul. As a result, we see that children who study according to the holistic learning framework are better equipped to face different challenges that come their way after finishing school as well. We see that since this framework involves physical activities, children enjoy learning more as well as retaining information longer. No wonder, we see that leading schools across the world, including ours, lay special emphasis on integrating sports, as well as extra-curricular activities, and hands-on learning into the academic curriculum to ensure the all-around enrichment of children as well.

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We see that it enables children to find relevance between learning and their personal experiences at the same time. For all kids who do not like a particular subject, we see that the most common reason is that they cannot visualize or find its relevance in their own lives as well as get bored. We see that holistic learning addresses this concern wonderfully by creating unique as well as personalized learning experiences so that a child understands a concept as well as not just memorizes the facts. We see that when children can relate the concepts they are taught at school with something they have seen or experienced, they naturally attain a better understanding of things, as well as this ultimately leads to improved academics. We see that creates a conduit between home as well as school. However, we see that for effective learning, there should be a synchronization between home as well as school. If parents are not actively involved in their child’s education, we see that they cannot provide the guidance their children need. Therefore,  holistic education encourages active involvement by not just parents but the entire community as well. In addition, we see that the holistic learning framework takes education outside the classroom as well as into the everyday lives of students, which makes it even more engaging and hands-on for the children to learn and grow. We see that encourages metacognitive thinking, as well as creativity, and curiosity. We see that holistic learning strategies encourage children to think as well as not just memorize. We know that when children learn via practical sessions, art as well as craft, sports, and other fun activities, they naturally learn more. We see that that’s because experiential learning removes chances of brain fatigue as well as instills curiosity and critical thinking in children. We see that besides, it has been seen that children who receive holistic education become emotionally more secure, happy, as well as positive. They are better able to exercise logic and reasoning in everyday situations as well. It provides ample opportunities for the all-around development of our students, which is not limited to but is rather far beyond academics. We know that the state-of-the-art extra-curricular facilities like dance rooms, music rooms, debate clubs, etc., make learning fun and engaging for children. We see that the unique after-school clubs encourage children to hone their other soft skills like communication, as well as logical thinking, teamwork, etc. The regular teacher training programs help keep our faculty at the top of their game as well as at par with international holistic learning frameworks. We know that as part of the framework, we encourage parents to be active participants in the learning process of their kids as well. We see that now more than ever, educators, as well as education administrators, are looking for new ways to effectively teach students. We see that from teachers as debates are ongoing about how to best train up the next generation as well. We see that new as well as innovative ways of delivering instruction have been imagined, as well as new philosophies of education developed. We see that the origins of holistic education can be traced to ancient concepts of instruction. We see that one philosophy of teaching that has received little attention from the public is the philosophy of holistic education. As the times are changing things can get better.

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