How Crime Became Digital?


Unfortunately, the world of crime is still rocking the modern society with thousands of cases of illegal activity taking place on a daily basis. Living in the 21st century, people might have thought that crime would be long gone by now, but every epoch has its own villains. Our ancestors hoped that our generation would prevail in exterminating crime by introducing ubiquitous economic and social prosperity toped with technological progress. Nonetheless, the world of today went the opposite direction, and instead of using technology for fighting crime, some individuals have applied it to inventing cyber crimes. This article will tell you how crime became digital, what are the various types of it, and what you have to do in order not to fall a victim of it.

Human Trafficking – It Is Cyber Nowadays

One may easily wonder how human trafficking can be considered a cyber or a digital crime. Well, the answer is pretty simple: the world of digital technologies has become a platform for planning and actually committing the crime associated with human trafficking. Imagine a young girl who dreams of becoming a model and walking the best catwalks in the world reading an advertisement on the Internet that promises her a bright future in the world of modeling. She clicks on it and starts communicating with the modeling “agent” who offers her free tickets to, for example, Moscow, as this is where the first “show” or the “audition” for her modeling job is staged to happen. The girl flies in eagerly and eventually ends up working in the sex industry, having no rights, no document, no nothing.

As a matter of fact, 79% of the human trafficking victims end up being sexually exploited. There are tons of free essay samples about human trafficking online that tell people how dangerous it might be to say reckless while online. So, ask yourself what do you know about human trafficking before stating that there is no need for learning more information before you would have to write an essay about it. The samples provided by Tooly contain so much information on human trafficking that you may find a lot of interesting examples of when social media pages have been used for “hiring” the up-and-coming models and turned them into the deprived of rights sexual workers with broken and deteriorated psychology.

Be Careful With What You Click

As the 21st century has passed the threshold of chronological order, global business has become largely immersed in using emails and corporate mailing systems for the sake of improving the efficiency of the communication processes within the company. However, how could those people knew that emails would be one day used for phishing and scamming people? If you wonder what phishing is, try and remember whether you have recently received some letters containing suspicious links or asking you to provide any personal information, like a phone number or a credit card CVV2 number? If so, then you can easily claim that you have almost become a phishing victim.

Of course, lots of modern users of technologies, especially various financial and banking apps rest assured of the security of their funds, because access to their systems can only be gained with the usage of their fingerprints. Well, here comes an interesting fact which you may find extremely breathtaking to read in this article. As you may or may not know, there is a full-fledged and full-scale cybercrime market operating in this world and some villains are eager to sell full digital fingerprints of more than 60000 users of the Internet. You should read this article to know more on the black digital market. Also, you may find it useful to read some essay samples from Tooly in order to know how the examples of phishing look like and what you should do in order to protect yourself.

Keep Your Information Secure

Here comes an interesting thing for you to know. Even when there is nothing suspicious happening, there might be a DDoS attack happening. It means that your data is being stolen while you are not aware of it. A distributed denial-of-service attack represents a malicious attempt at disrupting the normal state of data traffic within a particular server aimed at stealing a user’s personal data through redirecting the data flows within the server. This is a theft that might happen to each and every user of the Internet who still thinks that online scam is a hoax that people keep aimlessly talking about.

How Did We Get Here?

People may ask why digital and cyber crimes are so expansive in the modern world? The answer to this question is crystal clear. Regardless of how cynical it might sound, but where there is demand there will always be supply. Nowadays, almost every single individual has an account on at least one social media platform. All people use bank cards, and everyone has linked their phone numbers to their bank accounts. The problem boils down to the fact that most people are reckless when it comes to dealing with their personal data.

The social media users, for example, do not have the foggiest idea that passing one of the widespread online tests, e.g. “Who Is Your Spirit Animal?” means nothing else but submitting all of their personal data to the scammers standing behind the development of the test. If a person conducted any purchases via the social media account and then passes one of the aforementioned cohort of tests, the next thing he or she needs to do is to call the bank and block the card but it might be too late.


The criminals of today have become wiser than they used to be some twenty years ago. Nowadays, in order to rob you, they do not need to catch in a dark narrow street, put a gun against your head or a knife against your chest, and order you to empty your pockets. The robbers of today have set the stage for themselves a long time ago and are now only waiting for you to come upon it. The development of cyber and digital crimes, unfortunately, is a natural process as this is human nature to use the best things that the world has invented to help people live so to deteriorate people’s lives. So, may you stay attentive the next time that you go online because there is no other way to remain on the safer side. The world of today would not be able to give up on emails, credit cards, etc. Hence, it is up to you to refrain from the chance of being scammed.

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