How Data Security Jobs Are Increasingly In Demand?

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Data security jobs are on a remarkable increase, with studies predicting 3.5 million cybersecurity vacant positions by 2021, up from 1 million in 2014 worldwide. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that the cybersecurity experts’ employment will grow by 32 percent between 2018 to 2028, which is faster than all other occupations.

The demand for cyberspace security experts makes these roles more critical and lucrative. But what makes the profession highly sought after?

Reliance On Technology

Life is increasingly moving online, as people heavily rely on technology to manage their daily lives. Everything is online, presenting a threat of cyber-attack. You can now buy things online from stores across continents, do bank transactions without leaving the house, book flights from the office, among other tasks. Comfort and convenience come at a price, though. Sensitive data like credit card numbers, bank records, and phone numbers are shared online, escalating cybercrime threats.

Data security experts keep hackers and all other possible cyberspace threats at bay.

Increase In Technology Know-How

Technology is dynamic, and with the growth in the industry, criminals are devising new and more harmful attacks. Anyone is today more prone to attacks from high profile entities, organizations, and individuals. Despite the high-security investment, companies like Bank of America, Home Depot, JPMorgan Chase, and Target have recently been victims of large scale cyber-attacks. This serves as a clear sign that data hackers and cybercrime is becoming more sophisticated and needs a more vigorous defense.

Vacuum In Related Training And Course Modules

Though on the increase, there are a few degree programs equipping students with the needed data security expertise. Several experts in the field pursued different fields and cite either bumping into cybersecurity by chance or being forced to pursue the profession to fill the increasing gap. Diana Barley, the Cybersecurity Educator of the Year 2014, points out the need for continuous professional development in the security of data courses. Diana, also a professor at George Washington University, states that the nature of cyber threats is continuously evolving.

There are, however, many certification programs proving helpful by producing competent cybersecurity experts with specialized skill sets. While there is visible effort, institutions need to step up and offer curriculum on data security. It will also help to integrate it into existing courses as a unit.

Law Of Supply And Demand

As the statistics reveal, there is more need for cybersecurity experts. The demand may be a result of growing sophisticated threats, more online activities, or a few experts in the field. Like any other scene, the few professionals are unable to attend to all needs. When available, they are costly for most organizations to afford.

A General Increase In Cyber Threat

Technology is increasingly becoming more digitally connected with advancements like the Internet of Things and cloud computing. Cyber-attacks pose risks to individuals, as well as organizations. Users who lack cybersecurity awareness may share passwords or use weak ones, open links, and attachments containing malware. These oversights compromise data security, putting organizations and individuals at risk.

An increase in online activities and users means more security threats, hence the need for expertise to combat the problem will increase.

Would You Consider Cybersecurity As A Career?

Cybersecurity threats affect everyone and all entities across industries from governments, financial institutions, and health facilities, among others. If you are after a career that will pay a fortune, guarantee growth, and help make the world a better place, consider cybersecurity as a profession. Here is how to gravitate your career towards data security.

Develop Interest

Develop an interest in primary principals and concepts of cybersecurity like protection mechanisms, data classification, and change management. You will adopt a security-first approach to the protection of data once you understand the primary objective of data security controls. There are thousands of credible resources online to start you off on all you need to know about cybersecurity.

Invest in Training

Several colleges and training providers are now gravitating towards cybersecurity by developing programs to produce seasoned security experts. National Security Agency developed the National Centers of Academic Excellence in Information program as a measure to foster cyber safety. The future is promising as data security content is expanding across the curriculum with more institutions offering it. Plan to enroll in a program offering cybersecurity.

Work it Out

Hands-on experience plays a vital role in cyber safety. Since the field is experiencing a shortage, most organizations put less emphasis on the need for a degree and settle for people with experience. Some companies hire hackers to help them keep their space secure due to their level of expertise. While gaining professional knowledge is crucial, learning more on the job will help accelerate your growth into the profession as you gain experience. An excellent place to start is to know the basics. People who can demonstrate in-depth knowledge in cybersecurity matters enjoy several job offers. Many companies, big and small, are desperate to keep hackers and scammers off their business.

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