How Important Is Domain Tracker When Implementing Pardot?

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Are you getting confused between Pardot and Domain tracker? Let’s know about branding. It is the foremost and essential feature of any business whether it is small or large. In competitive markets, an effective brand strategy is a plus to increase your level.  A Domain tracker is a question that is frequently searched for. If you understand branding, you will know the tracker of the domain.

A Domain tracker is called a canonical name that is known as CNAME. By using this, you can mask your Pardot hosted content like your pages, form, and assets. You can all have with the help of a branded URL. However, there was a link created by Pardot as When you created assets in pardot. It usually consists of forms, custom redirects, and landing pages.

There is no difference between a Vanity URL and a Domain Tracker. Using forms, customs redirects, and landing pages the sites create a link that begins with The tracker domain is also known as Vanity URL.

The domain tracker allows you to uphold your business branding when you set up it. Branding gives you more benefits regarding your domain. Among them are the assurance and your visitors’ safety that links in your pages, forms, and legit resources. In other words, the branded vanity URL is a web address and this unique address is branded for marketing purposes.

How Does a Domain Tracker Set up?

Let’s know how to build set up your tracker domain.  Go to the domain host of your website and open its control panel. Then go to domains, zone editor to find Add DNS record. If you find trouble in locating this, you should contact your website provider. Your host may be different because it is not the same for all.

After that, you need to produce a CNAME because its record is used to point a sub-domain to another hostname. Generally, you require to set three things; first is the host record, second is TTL (Time To Live) type, and the last is the points to (alias). In its result, you will have your host records like this and TTL 1800 per 30 minutes. The Type will be CNAME and Points to will be Have a look at the following example.

Host Record:                             

TTL:                                                     1800

Type:                                                   CNAME

Points To:                                  

Add Record

Then you have to set up the record of TXT in your DNS. It will appear with the host record according to your company’s recent URL. Moreover, if your URL is locked, you can only add from the right. The value of TXT is from the validation key and status code in Pardot. You may have an idea from below:

Host Record:                 

TTL:                                         1800

Type:                                       TXT

TXT Value:                               pardot33202=bb62287c

Add Record

Now, you have to wait for your DNS to promulgate, and it may take 30 minutes or a day. Once you have done all and propagated, it would be able to validate your domain. If your result is validated, then your domain tracker is verified successfully.

The main thing that is to keep in mind is to consult with your domain host and internal IT support to have surety that your domain is suitable for your requirements. You cannot have access to your tracking domain until you have FTP means the file transfer service protocol. You know a few sites give access to purchase a domain, but they don’t give FTP to the users.

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