How is PPC Conversion Performed?


After your ad is clicked, the actions you want to be performed before purchasing by the user are known as PPC conversion. In short, it is the page view that you are going to make according to your goals and objectives.

It creates a primary impression of your business to visitors. E-Commerce, Lead generation, branding, and social are some of the types of conversions. There are several ways in which PPC conversion can be performed, down below are some of the steps that you can follow.

Prepare Landing Pages:

Landing pages are considered to be the critical factor for PPC conversions, because, the first impression of people about your business depends on landing pages. Therefore, regular optimization is necessary. For each PPC offer, try to create landing pages separately. Short and catchy headlines must be used and take care of the font size as well.  

The stellar content must be attractive enough to attract visitors. Discuss the offers and benefits you are going to provide. The Search Assembly may help you in making decisions as well. Take care of the loading time and CTA of your page. If your landing page comes with a fill-out form, make sure it is easy to complete for the visitors.

Purchase Funnel Optimization:

Intensions of people vary from one another. Though, most of the people follow the conversion funnel only by beginning with brand awareness and ultimately making the purchase. Though, passing through the funnel can be done in different ways. You just need to figure out those ways and make the optimization accordingly.  

Several tools are available like Google Analytics, which will show you the flow of conversion and behavior. The report will help you to figure out the path, which most of the buyers are accepting. Make each of the pages well optimized. 

Keyword Selection:

The three types of keywords that you can use are- phrase, exact, and broad match. Broad match keyword will show your advertisement to the audience who are searching for that specific keyword. The phrase match keyword will be shown to those people who are searching for that particular phrase or part of it.  

The exact match keyword is considered to be the most specific keyword as the ad will be shown to those who provide the same keyword. The search structure needs to be also exact. It is a highly targeted keyword for making the chance of conversion rate better.

Use Attractive Offers:

You need to create special offers to maintain the consistency of the leads. The offers must be offered to the existing customers. You may offer a free trial period or any discounts. Also, the offers prove advantageous and increase PPC conversions too.

The offers can be displayed in the PPC ads and use it as an opportunity to make the visitors buy from you. But make sure that you are surely having indeed special offers to provide. Offer something of real value and stay true to your customers thoroughly.


PPC campaigns require regular tracking of conversion rates to check the performance. To improve the conversion, you need to optimize every page to make it comfortable for the visitors. You may even align your landing pages with the ad copy as well. If you can, filter the negative keywords for betterment. Keep an eye on the competitors’ keywords as ways. Do proper planning and researching before investing in any resource.

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