How Lithium Technology Has Advanced Cordless Power Tools


Lithium batteries are now a very common component in a long list of electronic devices and can be found in products such as phones, laptops, power tools, and electric cars.

They have been a big part of the reason that many electronics products have improved so much over the last 5-10 years with an explosion in new electronic devices being invented off the back of lithium technologies emergence.

Power tools have been one of the most improved products and that can be seen in electric chainsaw product reviews with a large amount being cordless lithium models

With the ability to hold power longer and charge much quicker they have seen off Nicon batteries being used in most products.

Lithium Battery Components 

They are much more expensive to produce because they require a computer to manage the battery so it doesn’t overheat when recharging or whilst in use, this is why many electronics products will automatically shut down the device if it reaches a certain temperature the little computer reads the sensors and will not let the battery get to a dangerous level of heat that will cause it to overheat and become a fire risk. 

Higher Production Costs

The cost of those circuits, sensors, and components push the production costs of the lithium battery higher than traditional Nicon Batteries.

Anyone who has to replace a lithium battery will know they are not cheap to buy and the price hasn’t really fallen much over the last 5 years.

Cordless Power Tools

One sector that has seen massive improvement through the use of lithium technologies is cordless power tools, they now operate for a longer time on a full charge than ever before and they can provide enough oomph for large power-hungry machines that previously would only be available with corded power tools or even petrol tools like chainsaws or lawnmowers.

This has created a large new pool of cordless tools and tools that mainly used fuel and oil to run a traditional engine are now competing with battery technology.

The petrol engine also requires more maintenance to keep it running nicely than electrical powered tools with spark plugs, filters, and oil to be considered.

So cordless power tools are catching up to their corded and petrol counterparts quite quickly.

Better Cordless Power Tools

The advancements haven’t been limited to chainsaws and mowers with pretty much every power tool benefiting from the improved battery technology, as an example, cordless drills are more powerful, operate for longer and recharge quicker.

Many tools that were limited to using a cordless power supply are now produced with cordless models, belt sanders, jigsaws, reciprocating saws, drill presses, and even wood routers can now be found as cordless models.

With the emergence of electric cars, battery technology is being heavily invested in, research and development in batteries are the highest it has ever been and this will help to further advance the products that rely on batteries to operate to improve battery life even further. 

That is good news for many industries that can piggyback of the electric car manufacturer’s success and use those batteries in their products.

That will come at an increased cost and will be passed on to us the consumers.

This has seen a massive increase in the cordless power tool market with the sales for cordless tools growing year on year.

It is getting easier to imagine a time when nearly all power tools are powered by the battery and the need for a power supply to plug into will be not needed anymore.

Cordless tools are not quite there yet but they are making gains that are for sure.

Corded power tools vs cordless power tools

Cordless power tools have some obvious advantages over corded tools, mainly it is the portable nature of the cordless tools that is the biggest advantage, contractors and professionals all would go 100% cordless today if it was possible.

Corded tools have the advantage of not needing to be recharged and can provide more power for longer especially when using bigger powerful tools that require a lot of juice.  

Operating times on lithium batteries have allowed for an increase in how long you will get out of the battery when using power tools and it seems to improve slightly every year with bigger and better batteries being produced.

Lithium Battery Problems

Lithium batteries haven’t been without problems though, some earlier lithium batteries were a fire risk and that led to thousands of recalls costing battery manufacturers millions of dollars.

They also deteriorate quickly and it is commonly known that they will need replacing after 2-3 years if you use them or not, this is because they start to degrade as soon as they are made.

Over time the cost of producing lithium batteries will reduce but it is not expected to fall massively, only a small decrease over time.

Who knows what the next generation of batteries that are produced for our electronic lives will be like but it is bound to be exciting if it is anywhere near the jump up in technology we have witnessed.

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