How Much CBD For Sleep Disorders? CBD Dosage for Insomnia?


Good sleep at night is extremely important for our physical and mental health, and the lack of healthy sleep has unpleasant consequences for our moods, body weight, hormone levels, concentration, energy use, etc. CBD works much better than all kinds of agents produced by medical companies, offering us a whole range of side effects.

According to publications in Scientific American, the oldest American popular science monthly published since 1845, over 8.5 million Americans use prescriptions for sleeping pills. Here is a good study on CBD oil for sleep…

SleepScore Lab conducted a study in 2017 that 50% of citizens regularly take at least two different drugs at bedtime.

According to the same study, on average, women sleep 24 minutes longer (6 hours 9 minutes) than men (5 hours 45 minutes). 79% of Americans do not sleep for more than 7 hours a night.

The most serious symptoms of insomnia include:

  • decreased ability to concentrate
  • fatigue
  • problems with memory
  • mood swings
  • daytime sleepiness
  • low motivation
  • low energy level
  • increased risk of causing an accident and making a mistake.

Very often problems with falling asleep and with sleep in general are the result of stress and anxiety attacks; CBD deals with both brilliantly. It also works great for helping to treat depression.

Here are some of the more serious side effects of drugs from pharmaceutical companies:

  • daytime sleepiness
  • dizziness
  • problems in balance
  • itching in limbs
  • loss of appetite
  • constipation or diarrhea.
  • stomach pain

CBD oil to improve quality and amount of sleep

According to research findings, CBD actually gets rid of what could be considered a source of insomnia. Cannabidiol reduces or even eliminates the anxiety attacks that often cause insomnia. In addition, it affects the level of dopamine in the blood during sleep, which also improves its quality. Studies on the effects of CBD on diseases such as MS, attacks of pain or anxiety have shown that patients taking cannabidiol sleep longer and their sleep is of better quality.

There are also some studies that look directly at CBD’s effects on sleep and any problems associated with it. The most bizarre finding from these studies is that CBD simultaneously: first, it stimulates us during the day, helping to defend ourselves against sleepiness that can hit us during the day, and second, it improves sleep parameters during the night.

CBD For Sleep: Laboratory tests

After a 2006 study on rats, it was found that CBD enhances activity in the regions of the brain responsible for waking up and stimulates the production of dopamine. These discoveries were positively verified in another series of tests in 2008

In 2014, a series of tests on mice was carried out. Here, the endocannabinoid system has been shown to actively regulate the functioning of the cerebral cortex and to influence some important elements of the NREM phase of sleep (the phase in which the eyes are not moved during sleep), such as its length and low-frequency vibrations in the cortex.)

A year earlier, studies were started which confirmed that systematic use of CBD can be used therapeutically to reduce the apnea index and hypopnea (AHI index) in mice and humans. Apnea is a break in breathing during sleep, and a shallow breath is when the airflow through the airways is no more than 50% of the baseline combined with a decrease in oxygen saturation in the blood. These are serious disorders that affect the comfort of both sleep and functioning during the day. Already in 2016, scientists informed about the possibility of regulating the quality of sleep with the help of cannabinoids, and found that the extent of their action depends largely on the time of day when the agent is administered.

CBD For Sleep: Clinical tests

In 2004, clinical trials were conducted on 4 men and 4 women who were administered 15 mg of CBD. This amount increased brain function during sleep and counterbalanced the sedative effects of the 15 mg THC previously administered.

10 years later, a series of clinical trials was performed in patients with REM sleep disorder (RBD). After administering cannabinoids to them, a significant decrease in the frequency of RBD disorders such as nightmares and sleepwalking was noted.

In 2016, a 10-year-old girl with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) caused by sexual abuse in early childhood was treated. One of the symptoms of the syndrome in the girl was insomnia. After a series of CBD doses, an improvement in the quality of sleep and its significant extension were noticed in a small patient.

Dosage of CBD oil in the treatment of sleep disorders

It has already been scientifically proven that it is not possible to overdose on CBD. If someone were to try, they would not be physically able to ingest enough cannabinoids to experience an overdose. The only unpleasant effect with excess CBD is a feeling of dry mouth.

That is why it is quite easy to determine the dosage for each patient individually. This should be done not only because each of us is different, but because the number and level of sleep disorders is different for each patient. Let’s start with a dose of 25 mg per day to maintain homeostasis at an appropriate level and we should see an improvement in sleep quality.

We should divide the daily amount of CBD into two doses: take half in the morning and the other half in the evening, preferably about two hours before going sleep as most patients find it difficult to fall asleep immediately after taking the drug.

For mild to moderate sleep problems, patients usually take between 50 and 100 mg of CBD per day and this amount produces very good results. Of course, you can experiment with both the number and number of doses per day and the time of day when you want to take cannabidiol. For example, some patients have found in self-experimentation that they get the best results when taking CBD not at bedtime, in the evening, but in the middle of the night when they wake up.

How to take CBD oil for sleep enhancements

There are several ways to do this. The most common is to put it under the tongue and wait about a minute for the drops to dissolve in the saliva. This method ensures quick and long operation.

You can inhale CBD like an e-cigarette; the operation is even faster, but unfortunately much shorter.

You can also simply swallow the oil, dissolve it in a drink or mix it with food. The effect remains in the body for long hours, but due to the relatively long journey through the digestive system, it is not felt until about two hours.

But how many milligrams are there in one drop of CBD oil?

It depends on the concentration of CBD oil and the structure of its applicator. Averaging;

1 drop 5% CBD oil = approximately 2.5mg CBD


1 drop 10% CBD Oil = approximately 5mg CBD


  • 1 drop 15% CBD Oil = approximately 7.5mg CBD
  • 1 drop 20% CBD Oil = approximately 10mg CBD
  • 1 drop 30% CBD Oil = approximately 15mg CBD1 drop 5% CBD oil = approximately 2.5mg CBD
  • 1 drop 10% CBD Oil = approximately 5mg CBD
  • 1 drop 15% CBD Oil = approximately 7.5mg CBD
  • 1 drop 20% CBD Oil = approximately 10mg CBD
  • 1 drop 30% CBD Oil = approximately 15mg CBD


It is worth noting that higher concentrations of oils allow for taking smaller doses in volume, which translates into oil savings and less frequent purchases.

Also, for better results, use CBD oil at least twice a day. Undoubtedly, the dose is the key to maintaining a balanced and effective treatment of anxiety disorders. However, there are also many people who take it three times a day or just once a day. It all depends on what dose makes us sleepy.

It is recommended that you inform your physician that you are using CBD oil to find the correct dose.

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