How Much Does HughesNet Cost per Month?

How Much Does HughesNet Cost per Month?

HughesNet is an internet service provider that is available to millions of people and offers services all over the US. It is a satellite internet connection, thus, does not require any wired connectivity to the outside networks and uses a satellite dish as a medium of receiving and transferring signals. That is why it is available even in the remotest areas where there is no other network available.

Due to these factors, it is a great internet service option for people who are located in rural areas and need a good internet connection. HughesNet not just offers good download and upload speed, but also offers reliable services compared to the competition. So, it is a good choice for those who are looking to get internet services so that they can work from home and those who need it for their kids so that they can participate in online classes. Besides that, the availability factor outweighs many other things as you can get it even if you are living in an RV park in Alaska. So, if you are living in a rural area as well and would like to get HughesNet services, you can visit to sign up or to find out more about it.

How Much Does HughesNet Cost?

If you are interested in getting Hughesnet services, chances are cost would be a major concern for you. That is because it is a satellite connection where the equipment is expensive and the charges are not determined by the speed being offered but by the data being provided. So, everyone gets the same speed but the data is given based on the plan that they choose. If you go for a plan that offers more data, you will have to pay a higher cost. And if your usage exceeds the data limit, you will either have to pay more to get more data or stay at a reduced speed until the next month starts.

Hughesnet offers four data plans where the download speed is the same but the data per month is different, so is the price. These four plans are as follow;

  • 10 GB Data Plan

Among all the plans offered by Hughesnet, the 10 GB data plan is the most economical plan that is available. This is a suitable plan for those customers who need an internet connection for regular household usage where there are no heavy streamers or gamers. They would mostly use it for getting in touch with friends and family, use social media, pay their bills, and other stuff like that.

With this plan, customers get 10 GB of data per month where the download speed is up to 25 Mbps. As soon as the 10 Gig is used up, speeds get reduced to 1-3 Mbps so that the customers can stay connected to the internet without paying any additional cost. This plan costs $59.99 per month on the regular basis. However, if you can get a promotion, you will be able to save $10 every month for the first 6 months.

  • 20 GB Data Plan

The second plan choice offered by HughesNet is the 20 GB data plan that offers 20 Gigs of data every month. This plan is a good choice for customers who are looking for internet services for occasional streaming or to work from home where the users are not required to share any large files regularly. Although 20 GB is not a lot, if you use it properly and wisely, this can work pretty well for you.

For instance, if you download movies during the bonus time zone of 2-8 am a day before your movie night and use the additional 50 GB, this will be a huge saving on your regular data. So, if that movie was supposedly of 2 GB, you will be able to make video calls for 8 hours through the data that you saved by downloading it during bonus time.

This plan costs $69.99 per month on regular basis. In case you qualify for promotional pricing, there will be a $10 discount for the first 6 months – just like other plans.

  • 30 GB Data Plan

A 30 GB data plan is a good choice for customers who have various users in the house who will be using the internet for different tasks. For instance, if there are kids in the house who are learning online, parents who work from home, and teens who are into social media, this plan might just be the right one.

The price for this plan is $99.99 per month while the download speed is up to 25 Mbps and the upload speed is up to 3 Mbps.

  • 50 GB Data Plan

This plan is the most premium tier with HughesNet service plans and offers 50 GB of data every month. That makes it a suitable choice for those who do not want to take the risk of having anything other than the best.

Since the data limit per month is more, this plan costs more than other plans. With this plan, the monthly price is $149.99 per month.

Final Thoughts

With HughesNet, prices are based on the amount of data that you get, not the download and upload speed. That means the more data you have in the plan, the more will you pay every month. Customers also have the option of switching from one plan to another or adding more data by purchasing data coupons. However, it is best to get a service plan that offers sufficient data instead of purchasing additional data every month. Also, use bonus data of 50 GB wisely as this can save you a lot of money.

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